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Well, thanks a lot, that's awesome :)

June Flower strikes again!
A nice little story wich take you by surprise. Well done!

I do enjoy it :) 

I know, I watched a lot the picture but I didn't find anything, maybe my brain can work with only the end of the word, or I don't know this work, it's possible.

I really like the idea of this game, it's simple but nice, I don't remember playing a hidden objects game with missing letters before, that's a fresh idea.

The little music are good, as the art, again, simple, but nice.

I'm not english and so far I'm stuck on level 9 with the word ending with "wer", I would like to have the solution, I tried a lot of combinations. Thank you :) 

You're welcome :) 

I started to play Labyrinth dereclit ablyss today, I love it too, really awesome games.

No combat, not a challenge, only walking and discover, this is so original, I love it! I also really liked all the references. A nice little game, really well done, awesome art style.

That's good to know :) And you're welcome!


In that case, I would say maybe more creatures to save after the first one, with more puzzles, more passwords, more hack to do, that would be fun, like saving the all town. A final boss fight would be fun.

You're welcome :) Thank your for the email about the patch wich make thing about play this game. It's hard to remember everything from that giant bundle! 

That was really fun to play, a nice surprise, I love the idea behind it. A nice little clicker game wich deserve to be played. Well done!

Thank you a lot for this quick reply, it works well now :) 

Hello :)

I discovered this game while searching games in the amazing bundle, and as a fan of Solitaire, I really want to play this game wich seems amazing. But I do have an issue that make the game quite unnplayable. This issue is about the mouse sensitivity, when I move the cursor, it goes on the side of the screen so fast, the cursor fly away, in order to play I do have to move the mouse very slow. Since there is no option to manage that in the game, I wonder if there is a way to manage that.

Thanks a lot for any help. 

A very interesting idea! I love rythm game and RPG, I will follow this project with pleasure. Good luck for this game.

That's a very cool arcade game, so simple to get into it, addictive after the first play, it's just well done. The kind of game you can return into and always love at each start.