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Hitlersaurus Christ

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Hey just wondering if this game will be for mac later in its developement?

Yeah I have the same problem it says it can not be opened or something like that.

Is there going to be a MAC version of this game. Because it looks like so much fun but I cant play it.

When will the next update be out?

Will there be an update soon?

For all you people that have a mac that want to play this now you can get the program: wine and you can play almost any PC game on your mac.

Im not sure what the bow and arrow could be used for but i would like the progression to be slower because by the time you get a food and water source you are basically set and theres nothing else to do. Im sure there will be more to do in the future but as of now that could be a way to make the game last longer in the early stages.

This game is awesome one of my favourite games on I would love to see this game completed and finished. Ill be there all the way though! :)

Will there be a mac version of this?

Will there be a mac mac version of this coming out?

That would help a lot with balancing.

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They would be a great addition.

Oh yeah good point. Thanks

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This is an amazing game!

Here are some things that could be implemented into the game in the future.

Any more suggestions? Tell me in the reply and ill add them.


SMGs: Mp5, MP40

LMGs: MG42

ARs: FAL(Single shot), Mk11(Single Shot)

Snipers: Barrett M99

Shotgun: AA-12

Pistol: Glock 18, 44.Magnum

Specials: Tank Mine (only detonates when tank or car drives over), Flare (Highlights enemies on your HUD)

Attachments: attachments like red dot sight, laser sight and fast/extended mags would be sweet as well.

3rd Person: It would be awesome if you could press H or something and you can go into 3rd person (On foot and in vehicle)

(I wouldn't like this game to become too much like call of duty or Battlefield. Id prefer it to become its own comparison.)

Thanks! this game looks AWESOME i cant wait.

Mac please

Can you make a mac version of this. Thanks

Steelraven said multiplayer will not be implemented. Its strictly a singleplayer experience. unless he has changed his mind

If you are familiar with the battlefield 4 helicopters you should recognise the controls.

What with?

yes. double click it or right click it and press open.

I really hope this will be free but you are able to pay if you want.

Ok I like it.

Dude its a beta. they make betas so they can get feedback from the community to improve on the game.

Nice Idea

Cheers! c:

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I have a few suggestions that could be considered in following updates.( In no way am I putting down this game I think this is an amazing game)

1. Controller Support: Right now controllers do work but they need to be improved on.

2. Third Person: 3rd would be awesome for this game not only for vehicles (Because I suck at flying and 3rd person will make it so much easier) but in general. it would be a hotkey like H or something.

3. Control option: This will probably already be in the next update but the option to change crouch to control would be sweet.

4. Hotkeys:

G - Grenade

H - 3rd Person

5. Maps:

Indoor map( Like Killhouse from CoD4)

A desert map

6. Gamemodes:



Capture The Flag

7. Guns:

Single Shot: (FAL, M14/Mk11)

Sniper: (Barret .50cal, L96A1)

Sub-Machine Gun: ( Mp5/Mp7, P90)

Assault Rifle: ( M16A4, Famas)

Sidearm: (M1911, Desert Eagle/Revolver, Knife)

Shotgun: (Spas-12, Striker)

Equipment: (C-4, LandMine)

If I missed anything reply and ill add it in.

Thank You For Taking Time Out Of Your Day To Read This

Great game! Really looking forward to the future of this, the community is really getting on board.