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LMAO it totally is ;0; i'm a writer/programmer but my only artistic knowledge is in graphic design - so instead of a regular banner i have a scary-looking neruda poem : ] looking forward to the far far land of future!!

wow, gorgeous!! i can tell the gui and your art's anatomy have improved tenfold. the plot was super interesting and i loved how dark things got / how many endings there were. clearly a lot of love was put into both versions of miller's story. i really look forward to your future projects :)

not sure why but i never thought of that! thanks for the help :)

it's not too hard to get! just start a new save and only acquaint yourself with dijon and will (though you don't have to sleep with will; just get on his good side). hope that helps!

(minor spoilers for the game!)

i just stumbled upon this game a few days ago and i'm totally in love! the atmosphere and the characters are so completely unique - i have never experienced such a diverse VN in terms of its perspective on monogamy, sexuality, spirituality, and love. i cannot express how grateful i am to find your game.

also: leo is such a cool protagonist. it's an interesting dichotomy making decisions for leo while still trying to be true to myself - having to play from their perspective with their own voice really immerses you into their world. i knew what was happening with dagger during the rituals... but they didn't, and i found myself a little protective over them. such a neat experience.

anyways, vicki and nicola are the hottest people ever and i'll be coming back to this game every now and again. thank you so much for all the work you put into it!! <3

just finished the bloomic and,,, im gonna try to keep this as brief as possible because i could literally write a 10 page essay right now if i wanted to but - 

thank you thank you thank you for making such a unique, touching, complex labor of love! this is genuinely in my top 5 vns/dating sims of all time. everything was absolutely perfect and i enjoyed every second (even the sad parts). the way you and your team spent so much time creating a unique experience for each route.... words can't describe how thankful i am to find something as cool as your game. genuinely. 

it's been a rough month, but it's really nice to see some of myself in your characters (as all near-perfect LIs are able to provide) and i'm almost hesitant to admit that every person on the "server" really helped me chill out after some rough days. i feel more hopeful about change in my own life, now, and i'm so thankful you put so much time in BP to achieve that level of immersion in your work. thank you, robobarbie, you and your team are the absolute best :)

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(playthrough spoilers)

(...the souda cameo was priceless. i love this game, thank you so much for putting so much time into this project. i'm looking forward to west falls, when you guys are able to release it!)

clearly the algorithm has failed me thus far because this game is beautiful. i think it's something that a lot of people have been looking for on this site. thank you guys for the work you've put into this project :)