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(minor spoilers for the game!)

i just stumbled upon this game a few days ago and i'm totally in love! the atmosphere and the characters are so completely unique - i have never experienced such a diverse VN in terms of its perspective on monogamy, sexuality, spirituality, and love. i cannot express how grateful i am to find your game.

also: leo is such a cool protagonist. it's an interesting dichotomy making decisions for leo while still trying to be true to myself - having to play from their perspective with their own voice really immerses you into their world. i knew what was happening with dagger during the rituals... but they didn't, and i found myself a little protective over them. such a neat experience.

anyways, vicki and nicola are the hottest people ever and i'll be coming back to this game every now and again. thank you so much for all the work you put into it!! <3


Oh thank you, we're so happy to hear ! <3 <3 <3 Great that you're appreceating Nicola, he was one of my favorites to draw and write :)