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For the full list please refer to the package content, you can preview it on the Asset Store!


Yeah, I forgot to add the next scene to build) Will fix it soon, thanks!

Hi! Cool! Yes, we can create new sprites for the editor. Just contact me by email.

Hi, sure. It will be available on the Asset Store in a few days (after review).

Are you sure?) Anyway, I think you can buy EC sprites and try to import them.

Yep, you're right =)

Thanks, I'll fix SM armor sprites in next update. And there is no problem with duplicated names.

I suppose any artist uses references sometimes. I see no problem with it.

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Hi, bro! There are no such plans as all arts are created by our artist.

Hi! You don't need Unity Pro for all of my assets!

Thanks for reporting! I'll reupload it with old Unity version. For now you can get the latest Unity from here:

"setup for animation, but NOT animated" usually called "Ready to animation") Anyway, nice artwork!