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Its out!! I only sped through once and got the bad ending 2 but gonna try again later :3

glad you did ^^

Thanks for playing the game!! They should be on June’s desk in her room!

good to hear!! and tyvm!!

as mentioned in the desc its still in development so there’s no download yet!!


hi! that’s odd. what system are you running on? 

yep it is! progress is slow though ^^

Yep, that's an appeal of games, which has an interactive experience but also lets us tell stories!

Thank you for playing and the feedback! Honestly, it wasn't too hard to balance the two, because we kind of knew we wanted both in the beginning.

I think both of us are also more used to writing sadder stories, which helped. Also because the story is also a bit influenced by situations from real life, that might of made it less difficult.

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Yeah! go for it!! Would be great to see the recording too!

Awe thank you! It will be a mix of both, I hope!!

Aww that's awesome! Thanks for playin

Thanks so much for the feedback!!! <3 Glad you enjoyed it!

this was sad but so beautiful!! I love it

This was really cute haha! 


#1 goose game