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Yo this game is so sick! So nice to see a refreshing take on puzzle games and battle royale. Done way better than Tetris 99!

Hey guys! We really loved your game, we actually followed the progress on your twitter while we were working on ours, we were so sure you would be top 10! 95 votes too! Ya'll knocked it out of the park!

Congrats on 1st place! We'll get you next time ;) - Majority Gives Team

A fair note, by the time we finished up for the jam we didn't have a lot of time for playtesting, thanks for letting me know about this! :D

FeelsRelatable. Online Co-op might be a feature we add after the Jam stuff is over, would love to keep working on this!

Thank you Paralian, there's a few more things we would have liked to add, but time crunch was real ahha.

Thanks Superpup! Gotta hype that Post Processing Woop woop!

Was my first time working on a local co-op game, happy it all worked out well and you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment!

Challenge accepted!

Got that polish yo! We we're so worried that it'd look bad ahha :D

Thank you! We definitely had a fun time making this and put all our love into it!