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What license are these under? Are these okay for commercial use?

This is a super cool tileset! I really like the way you use a blueish black for the outlines most places. Using a dark blue as your doorway/black color gives a cool effect. I personally think it is a bit too saturated for the types of games I tend to make. It looks more saturated than the RTP. But, that might be partially because of the simplification of the design. I like the look of the beech trees a lot better than the forest trees. I also noticed you used custom characters in the screenshots. Are you planning on making varients of the RTP characters which match the tileset?

I sort of wish there was a more desaturated and slightly  darker palette with a similar detail level.

I did really like the roof and wall color tiles.

The way you did the coloring for the cliffs is super cool too.

Although, some of your large block wall tops look off with their associated wall tile.

what engine did you make this with?

what sort of license are you releasing under? Is commercial use allowed? Are edits allowed? Is redistributing edits allowed?

The main thing I care about is I was thinking about plugging your cloud through some filters to get gameboy style colors for a game my little brother is making. Then reposting them on the internet with original attribution to you.

An amatuer one. I like making music more than making art. When I do pixel art it's usually 12x12 or 16x16 stuff because then it takes less time

how did you get into pixel art?

You should be able to get out of the water by freezing the water arround you. You can get out of water if there are any walkable tiles next to you. 
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will do some testing to confirm just in case that can't work.
I appreciate that you took the time to comment on my game page.

I was hoping to stream some of the Jam games too. Looks like you beat me to the punch though.

Looks cool, the green text on your page isn't readable on your background though. So, you might want to change it.

Is this usable in commercial games? Or non-commercial only?


Yo soy emocionado. Yo estoy aprendiendo español. Para yo encanta leer y jugar juegos. Yo quiero jugar juegos en espanol. Yo tambien disfruto creando juegos. Normalmente hago juegos de rpg. Para yo tambien disfruto ficción interactiva. Yo  tengo una pregunta. ¿hay algún plan crear un servidor Discord? Yo quiero crear un juego con otra persona. No sé si debería hacer un juego en español. Espanol es dificil para mi, y yo nuevo para ese. Pero, observaré este Jam de cerca


I am exctied. I am learning Spanish. But, I love to read and play games. I want to play games in Spanish. I also enjoy creating games. Normally, I make RPG games. But I also enjoy interactive fiction. I have a question. Are there any plans to make a Discord server? I want to make a game with another person. I don't know if I should make a game in Spanish. Spnaish is difficult for me, and I am new to it. But I will watch this Jam closely.

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Hello, CaptainKitten

I am a computer science student who just finished my sophomore year of college. I have a limited degree of experience with a large range of languages and tools. I am primarily looking for projects which need composing and sound design work. Although, If the project needs another programmer, I can do that fairly well depending on the language and engine. I have been making really small video games and modding games I like since I was twelve. But most of them have been made over month or longer periods or were extremely simple. Most of my programming experience is with making UI and menus or my attempts to make my own game engine in various languages. I have participated in the IEEE extreme 24 hour programming competition with my universities competitive programming team, and I am a teammember. 

Technical Skills:

Languages: Java, Python, javascript(learning), C++ 

Game Engines: RPG Maker,  Unity(learning), Pygame

Other: Audio Engineering, Mixing, Sound design

Other Skills: 

I am a musician who has been playing for over 7 Years. I have had formal training in voice and piano. But I also know how to play the Ukulele to a lesser level. I am also a novice organist. But that likely won't help with any games I work with because getting permission to use and record an organ would take at least 3 weeks because I am not currently in the town with the organ I usually have access to. Although, if you really want me to, I can try to get access to one. Most of my compositions are chiptune, EDM, or digital brass songs. Although, I also have a few Ukulele songs. I can create new digital compositions in about 3-8 hours. If I need to record instruments it will likely add an extra day to the time it takes me to compose and produce a new song. I have been doing live audio work for 6 years and the job I work during the school semester is in that field. I also have very limited portrait art skills. I can also make okay looking non-organic digital art composed of simple shapes.  But I don't know how likely I would be to use either of those and would prefer to be on a team with an actually good artist. I would rather spend jam time on audio, music, or programming work. I have several ideas for projects, but I am not particularly attached to any of them. I also have a bit of experience in doing non-professional editing for hobbiest novels. I have 6 separate friends who wanted to get started writing novels who I helped write one. Although, I am by no means an expert in the field of writing, but I can write a simple story if it would complement our game project.

Project Ideas/pitches:

1. A Tetris variant based on Alchemy. The core game play loop has three elements. Choosing ingredients, Tetris based crafting, and selling your potions. There would be a decent selection of items which have a set of Tetris block shapes and colors predetermined. They would also have different costs. Then you have to try to maximize the potion properties you like and minimize the bad ones. So managing how much of a particular color you have at once is important. You can do this by having as much of the same color as possible when clearing a row if you want to make an aspect stronger. While if you want to diminish, one try to set up your rows in a way where the proportions of the colors are more mixed when clearing that color. Some ingredients or potions might let you do things like clear out a portion of the pieces in a certain area without letting them affect the potion properties. So you can get rid of blocks of bad colors. Then the quality of the properties affects the sell price. And if you hit a certain threshold the item can gain abilities that will apply if you try to use it when crafting another potion. The ideal engine I see for this game is unity as a 2d game. But I could also see it being able to be made in pygame. Or, I guess we could make it in JavaScript and make an engine based on the PIXI libraries. This game likely won't need a particularly complicated engine. For this project, I would definitely be able to tackle sound, music, and programming aspects. The art demands would be within my skill level, but I am not sure if I would have the time to do art and implement any code.

2. An eastern fantasy turn-based time management simulator with a high dificulty level about dreams and whether we allow ourself to give up on them. The game would have a rather short play through time and would be intended to take multiple attempts to get a winning ending. Potentially, it could also have a turn based combat system that could be used to get more resources from a dungeon if time allowed. Muic would play an important role in communicating the protagonists' mood at a particular moment. The main character is an orphan who is stuck in a hierarchical cult dedicated to magic. However, it is also highly competitive. So the main character has to find things to do to make the money they need to pay for lessons to become the kind of person they want to be. When the character fails at something, they get discouraged, so you have to find ways to get their morale/dream up. Morale is very easy to lose and will likely result in many game overs for the player. When your morale hits 0 then the game ends and you get a unique ending message based on what activities you did the most. If you do an activity enough times, the game also ends, but you get a more positive ending about finding your passion in that field and being fairly successful depending on the dream level you were at if you hit it. Most game actions would take a week and there would be random events that influence how well you do. The narrative would overall be about a person with big hopes and dreams who struggle to hold onto them. But when you get good enough at the game they actually get to fulfill their dreams. I think the easiest engine to make this in would be one of the RPG makers. But it could probably also be made in unity or pygame. 

I already sent you a friend request on discord. I am HighTyrol3#0708 I am in the CST time zone and available from 9 am to 9 pm my time. Which  would be 7 am to 7 pm in your time zone. But if necessary to make the project work, I can shift my time of availability by changing when I wake up and go to bed. I should be able to work on the project for a maximum of 10 hours in a day unless we end up really close to finishing and the jam is almost over then I can work 16 hours straight if needed. But I would prefer to not end up in that situation in the first place. I expect to spend an average of 5 hours a day on the project including weekends into my calculations, although It might end up more if I think the project really needs it.