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Third seems to have quite the... anatomical anomaly... o.0

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Having trouble getting Bernard his meds. Is the Heat Occasia supposed to be used to make the medication  instead?

*trips arse over kettle on the Spectral Sirup*

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Quest: help please? Edit: Found it!

Working on Party Time! have everything except the flower for Shiri's punch, went to check the quest info for the location but instead of details I've an opaque black box. :/ 

Went space cadet on how many per page mid sentance, 7th is the missing one. I've run across the diagram in most of the playthroughs, but it would be just my luck to glitch my install. Thanks for the clearup, keep up the great work. ^-^

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Before breaking out the charting to search for paths left untread, I should probably ask. Figure the Lab and Doc's quarters are likely placeholders for a slated update, but I'm having trouble locating the 4th and 7th artwork panels. Am I missing something early on?

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Browser? That may be the issue right there, downloaded and launching via itch on a pc running w10.

But ja, shows me the intro and stalls out on the first loading screen.  

Edit: All of a half second loading on Chrome. XD Thnx mate

Now Loading...

:one eternity later:

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Is Kyle real? 

Will he fulfil his desperate need for Alien Babes?

Find out next... :radio static:

Something to do with the itch launch for sure. The copy I downloaded from the site saves fine, the one installed via itch launcher doesn't.