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Hell of a short story, heartstrings well and truly tugged.

Congrats! ^-^

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Bit of buggy text when taking the cows to town. Chased calves, all is skittles and rainbows until a bit of Arion's script jumped into the middle of "ey, hi those two are with ya?"

... annnd again a couple frames later. >.< 

Looks interesting, here's hoping I can figure out the combat ranges eventually, so far they feel variable. Still haven't managed to find a menu option either, alt+f4 seems to be the only way to exit. Am I just missing the hotkey?

Good to know, thanks mate. Shall have to keep checking back.

Sadly, nope.

Anything to be done?

Damn thee  width of null! 



Stuck on Late Afternoon in the kitchen m'self. For the turret just think back, what color is canine mana? Though, did seem to need to spot the fluffy butt marking for a second time. "Its too risky"

Baa ram ewe! *dies laughing* 

Bloody perfect, thanks much.

Apologies, delay of holidays. Looks like one of the updates fixed the issue. At the time the image was limited to the left side of the artwork with a thin sliver of green below. Everything below or to the right was lost off the edge of the screen. 

Killer art, just wish I could see the whole thing. XD Any chance there's a way to resize? Ran through single hotkeys already, about to start trying multi key combos.

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*crosses fingers for luck*

Cannot proceed because sfml-audio-2.dll was not found.

No joy on re-installs.

Seems that currently the Capitol bath house accepts coin, but doesn't actually let you do anything. Men's side off limits and the women's pushes you backwards "Can't go in without paying!"  (even after doing so).

When unlocking Ilmatar's potential, Audr is mentioned in Ilmatar's place. 

Got stuck! XD Next Features tab seems to be missing a Return button as well as not quite fitting inside the text box. 

Is there a hotkey for stealth I've yet to locate or is agro line of sight and my lag just isn't letting me see them charge in?

Overwhored community · Created a new topic Invasion Defence

Battling in the canyon, defeated the troops. Went back to tower mistress to check for a top up before taking on the group blocking the southern entrance. GAME OVER! I know she said not to let any of them reach her, but really? *dies laughing* 

Upon trying to leave the tunnel. 

No more climbing walls when we're drunk?  The innkeep must be so pleased. XD

Third seems to have quite the... anatomical anomaly... o.0

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Having trouble getting Bernard his meds. Is the Heat Occasia supposed to be used to make the medication  instead?

*trips arse over kettle on the Spectral Sirup*

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Quest: help please? Edit: Found it!

Working on Party Time! have everything except the flower for Shiri's punch, went to check the quest info for the location but instead of details I've an opaque black box. :/ 

Went space cadet on how many per page mid sentance, 7th is the missing one. I've run across the diagram in most of the playthroughs, but it would be just my luck to glitch my install. Thanks for the clearup, keep up the great work. ^-^

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Before breaking out the charting to search for paths left untread, I should probably ask. Figure the Lab and Doc's quarters are likely placeholders for a slated update, but I'm having trouble locating the 4th and 7th artwork panels. Am I missing something early on?

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Browser? That may be the issue right there, downloaded and launching via itch on a pc running w10.

But ja, shows me the intro and stalls out on the first loading screen.  

Edit: All of a half second loading on Chrome. XD Thnx mate

Now Loading...

:one eternity later:

Now Loading...

Is Kyle real? 

Will he fulfil his desperate need for Alien Babes?

Find out next... :radio static:

Something to do with the itch launch for sure. The copy I downloaded from the site saves fine, the one installed via itch launcher doesn't.