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Yes I have one

I have a steam account, a discord account and google mail

That style is cute

I really should reply way earlier but I added some copy right free music as an update.

I was mainly doing it to see what i can do by myself.

I might put music when one day to put the complete label

Yeah I was going for the one man team thing for that project of mine and I wanted to mainly go for the peaceful country story

I tried this, the interaction with our duo is pretty cute especially cheeky Elicia

Played this game, I really like the art especially the veggies design though I did think it was kinda rushed the whole story unless it was meant to foreshadow something?

The 8bit art with the whole homage to Pokemon and animation was pretty cool

I'm the person who made the game, seems like I put the wrong file the first time.

This one took much longer to upload I hope this works