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Great tileset. now all i need is a none-haunted variant

literially just solved it. google brought back numerous results. i totally forgot about the reset switch at some point also (thinking i had already hit it)

 just to expand on "CorruptedHeartOfSin" comment could we get a guide / walkthrough. im having a tonne of trouble solving the tile puzzle in the earth essence region

the login option thing is  to control Patreon only content. the game is still in development. Pleaes consider subscribing on Patreon aswell. by doing you not only unlock extra content. the more people who do, the more content in general the game will get.

i know which year of vessel it would equate to. in my head which is 1967 which is around about when the QE2 was launched. [].

i'm happy with anything in the iron / steel age of ships though

got an area where this would totally fit. great work!!

bought the mermaid pack a few months ago. 

one asset type i'm not able to find anywhere is a "none-wooden ship." Every one does only wooden ships.

would love it if you could add it to your list!!

( i know your website does say "no comissions")

something that could fit in to an arcane steampunk or  sciencific setting. (both normal / shipwreak variants)

i don't mean that "your game has it" or needs it. i was just saying most games in this style all "normally come from Japan and are targeted for Adult Audiences", although i'd play it either way. 

i'll look forward to playing through the further story progression.

Magical Girl Concept (4 /5)

- you don't really see stuff like this nowaday's in english outside of Japan and without the "adult tags"

and even then they're mostly CG. Here it feels like a proper game and not some event driven Visual Novel

Engagement/Fun. (4/5)

As above the game actually has meaningful content other than just going from one event to the next like those pumped out VN Games. actually has RPG elements

Originality/Creativity (3/5)

Unfortuntely i couldn't give it full marks simply because their other RPG maker games out there with the same theme. even if there more CG and Visual Novel

Graphics, Audio, and Polish (3/5)

You used "what you had availible" enough said. Not everyone can create their tilesets. you were honest and said "some of them were purchased." there use  in the game and the maps  were pretty good however.  Would've been 4/5 but theres a few games out there using the same assets.

Theme Interpretation (4/5)


- You don't really see stuff like this outside of Japan.

- Has meaningful content and actual has RPG elements unlike equivilant games. abet the rng could be better. you could also include areas that a player could "level" in so they don't hit the "Oh **** Wall when they party gets wiped out.

- the Graphics you did actually do was pretty Good.

if it was given a bit time and development it could be a great Game.

if your gonna keep developing this, i  would love to play it though

- Game needs a tutorial

- i give it go............ but i dont find card  collection / deckbuilding based games fun.

 it's pretty boring in all.  Don't get me wrong, theres plenty of huge huge deckbuilding games out there

Just not for me.

i don't really get how this fits the magical girl theme also. it just seem's to be another pokimon / yogi-oh card battler