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3rd Game

Although, it could use some sort of an endless mode, hihi, just kidding

I am doing too much sim games nowadays(spare time)

2nd Game

*Readies Bug Spray*

1st Game

Classic Point and Click Horror Game

Like the one below... Fun Short Game

But no lore though :)

2nd Game, just got curious because of the Screenshots :D

A bit of a cliffhanger in the end. 

So... I can really say that I'm not part of this generation :D

I don't get it with Al Pacino... That 3rd Person tho. Amazing

I admit my PC is still bad when this was recorded and curiosity got the best of me.

Not the updated version sadly


As someone who is a big fan of retro games and didn't play the original.

Very very fun game and challenging :)

I really didn't get to play the original

But at least I got to play it before the region block 

Fun little game

At least I got to experienced it before I got region blocked

A little throwback on my very first handheld game

2nd Game

I'm a bit late but at least its better than never

1st Game

I got a little confused because I never really played Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon :)

Can I ask for the OP if what country are you in? I'm in the Philippines and I'm having the same problems. Images are not loading and unable to download games unless the Alternate download link is in the Download page. Is it ok if I provide a screenshot?

I am Dave

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Excuse my burst of happiness during the redo...

I got too amazed with the webcam stuff :D

Everything went bad but I still love Sonic :D

Got stuck in Zone 2 though, Rusty Ruins

Great Experience even just a tidbit of the whole game.

I never got to play the real game, sadly

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Very very fast paced, that's my defense :D

I got helped btw

EDIT Part 2

Quite an intro for me in Minecraft

That green thing segment almost made me rage

I tried to be casual :D

That's 1 question I didn't say during the video.

Is this the same developer as the 9 Childs St Game?

Sorry about the audio, I forgot to change it back :D

Overall the best Crash Bandicoot fangame

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I'm using Globe as well and the problem has been resolved just today, I hope its long term though. I suggest visiting one of their store branches near you and raise your concerns there. Don't forget to present evidence btw because they might not believe you. Also, don't contact customer service, they will not help you.

EDIT: Sorry if I didn't reply sooner because I'm closely monitoring the connection status of itch. My ISP got it unblocked and I hope its permanent. I'll update again when something happens. 

Maybe I'm too late for this one :(

But its better than nothing

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I don't know if this would show up here given (on my side) itch io problems

Just like the others said, Short and Creepy, I wish there are more to it.

1st Game, this is probably been said already. Overall, Great Game.

Just 1 problem, It's too dark. Sorry, just my observation.

3rd Game, Way too late

Christmas in June

2nd Game and Great Game

I don't know why but I felt like I really messed up my life being isolated. I'm very prone to depression but I'm not giving up. I just wished that I wasn't like this.

Too late on this one because 3 is already out.

I really love the demo even though I haven't really got into souls games. It feels like I'm missing a lot of good games :(

Is it ok if I share the vid here?


Overall, cute and fluffy protag :D Aside from that, there are very few metroidvania style games that stars a furry. Love the classic gameplay

+ Good thing it got a pass, Unexpected vore :)

I rarely play .exe style games but I'm glad I stumble into this one

Failed so much with the toad chase though :D

Might be late again for this :)

I'm way too late for this game

But I do love some hidden story games

Very late to this maybe years late.

Better late than never, right?

Almost 80 Deaths before I completed it :D

Loved it more because its retro styled

Still a great game though... Creepy but not Scary

That short epilogue, a leftover or intended.


Just noticed some of the enemies here, was that a bloop?

Played it directly here :D

Idk what at the end but I loved it (2nd)

Aside from the bugs and playing it directly here :D

Very awesome game, I really love Castlevania (1st)

Fun change at least for the Holiday experience :)

Merry Christmas if this page is still alive :D