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Welp happy Birthday to me :D

Almost Got stuck with the frame puzzle XD

Graphics is making my pc go Brrr XD

Exploit or just lucky... FInished twice without ronald spawning :D

I really don't know what to say, I just don't want to offend anyone :(

The Consequences of being an Impostor :D

To be honest I like this more than the sequel

Story progression and Puzzles are great.

Overall, amazing game :)

Welp, another one... C Claimed.  (2)

Really sad that I don't know to edit those out T_T

Decided just to mute it all to be safe

Also, Is the Vsync really bugged or I don't have the right version + I may have found a Bug/Glitch?

This is your 1st 3d Game? Wow Great Job

Almost got me :D

Just tried it out of curiousity

FNAF like games, I'm never good at it :(

It's good to see that people still likes the original RE mechanics.

My assistant said, Great Game :)

Is there a meaning behind the title?

That maze though, that got me :D

(1 edit)

Totally muted the claimed parts T_T

Still I enjoyed it, great voice impression of snake :)

Played Walk first because I really miss the old times in gaming. It was a very good experience too

Although it might be fixed by now, I've encountered some bugs along the way so I highlighted that in the end (21:25) of the video :D

A bit concerned coz of the install path though

Will it cause any problem in the long run?

3rd game

*Waves to the developer*

2nd game

This is about Food right? :D

1st game.

Ohhh Music Video near the end  :(

Super Afraid of the c word 

Encountered 2 crashes too :)

Really fun game :D JQRZN!!!

I had to do it with the Thumbnail XD

Reverse play done :D

Will there be a part 3?

I guess I'm too late to post this?

Also, I forgot that there's a Flashlight XD

Made it 2 parts because of sleep :D

And of course I'm always slow in playing games

Thanks Annabelle for the kiss :D

Took me a while to get all the pawns :3

Silent Hill inspired? Oh yeah, does this count as playing in reverse :D


Both Interesting and Confusing :D

Forgot the female ghost though :(

Ok, after seeing the comments here. I don't want to get in to trouble.

The game is really promising. With a combination of both Dino Crisis and Resident Evil. Really is a tribute to those great games. Great Job

Hope to see more :)

Really love playing in reverse. Anyway, I know it's a puzzle game but maybe a bit of description might've helped. I'll try to keep an open mind on the 1st and maybe less ranting :D

Loved it and Yeah I cheated XD

The enemy is a spider right? *wink* *wink*

Great Game :D

Turned to a longplay because of the keys XD

For me, the scares have been turned down. The introduction of monsters? Maybe?

1 & 2 though liked it very much. Great Job :)

A bit of rage and Press F to pay respects... Good Combination

Great Game, Challenged me so much.

I still don't know how people did it in 10 mins 

Somewhere in the vid, I got licked twice :D The dogs really liked me XD

Uhhm... I'm Confused, Is there an actual effect?

Happy New Year to Everyone, I really like Point and Click Games :D

Thanks for the game, I'm a bit late for the holiday theme. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

Enjoyed it here :D... No Money yet so No next gen for me, for now.


Took me a while to figure out. Plus, close encounter because he clips through buildings. Overall, I had fun :D 

Applied some brightness... Does it break immersion?

3 Arms XD other than that great game.

Loved it, I thought I'm a tough boy :D

First of all, I enjoyed the game, finally got to try it. Second, I'm hesitating to post it here because of the thumbnail. I'm just really slow in figuring out puzzles... Sincere Apologies :( 

Steam Version