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Its really weird that the Monkey is not talking

I'm sure thats some kind of a glitch...

I almost dropped this game because of that chase sequence but it was a great experience overall :) 3rd game btw

As promised 5 stars it, 1st game

Incredible Silent Hill Vibes

I always tell to myself, why indie games are much better than mainstream :)

It's already stated here though

Excellent game :)

I'm not a Good Boy :(

Is it updated now? Anyway, great overall big fan of RE games. I wished capcom never cut content on their actual RE3 Remake :(

Also, I never get to try the Long Range Knife though because I lost it when I died :D

Someone already mentioned about the saving :)

Got Rebecca Sandwiched though, Twice :D

When I watched this via other youtuber, a protogen friend? I'm in.

Felt liberated after I beat the spiders section 

Just 1 question though, Backrooms, is it an example of Analog Horror

Maybe I'm not too familiar :(

Umm, Analog Horror = I don't get it... Sorry about that :(

Very Chill game and short game.

What's up with Ouija Board though :)

I think I died a bit inside since I have a serious social anxiety.

Anyway, a bit some oopsies because I made some guesses :D Great Typing Game.


Is this like a text adventure game? Loved it :3

Video might still change though Youtube(Checks) is holding it :D


I don't get it :( 

Maybe I don't know Analog Horror's that well :(

Great Game and a great experience, felt bad throwing the baby though :(

A bit late because this was recorded/livestreamed before Christmas 2021

(1 edit)

Too late for this one... When I see Cute Games, I play Cute Games :)

Is the demo already optimized?

Really cute and Wholesome :D

Sorry about the audio cutting :(

Santa is retiring? I guess I'm years late :(

Happy New Year to Everyone :D

Is that what call it "Building up the Suspense?" and of course really great ps1 style graphics. I really like retro style games :D

Was Livestreamed on twitch, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Was streamed live on twitch...

Judging from other comments here, I didn't experience some of it :(

Anyway, very funny game and the Ad got me, I almost refreshed XD

Until now, I'm still puzzled when I run the game on HI, the opening intro is super delayed but when LO it's ok. Part of the BETA? :D

A Non Scary version :D

A bit late of this game...

Huge fan of both series especially the retro style

Awesome sprite work especially for Lady D

I think that psychological horror worked too well... That last sentence got me so bad it feels like the game spoke to me :(

Either way Fun creepypasta game. Also, streamed LIVE on twitch

Played the game even LIVE :D

Absolutely had fun and the only game I've been jumpscared so much.

Great Work 

I really love classic styled games, I wish we have a time machine to go back to simpler time :(

Still has audio issues on my side

All in all, I enjoyed it and I didn't know there were easter eggs :(

3rd game, still finding the correct audio mix

PT inspiration? I noticed the changes every run :D

2nd game, still finding the correct audio mix.

1st game, still finding the correct audio mix

1 question though, was that intentional? the mouse clicking?

I'm late to this, I'm still getting things back together...

Is it true that one plate number says "DEATH"

Welp happy Birthday to me :D

Almost Got stuck with the frame puzzle XD

Graphics is making my pc go Brrr XD

Exploit or just lucky... FInished twice without ronald spawning :D

I really don't know what to say, I just don't want to offend anyone :(

The Consequences of being an Impostor :D

To be honest I like this more than the sequel

Story progression and Puzzles are great.

Overall, amazing game :)

Welp, another one... C Claimed.  (2)

Really sad that I don't know to edit those out T_T

Decided just to mute it all to be safe

Also, Is the Vsync really bugged or I don't have the right version + I may have found a Bug/Glitch?

This is your 1st 3d Game? Wow Great Job

Almost got me :D

Just tried it out of curiousity

FNAF like games, I'm never good at it :(

It's good to see that people still likes the original RE mechanics.

My assistant said, Great Game :)