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This game is hilarious! Love this game!

Reminds me of Clock Tower and Halloween! Love this game!

Love this game! It was hard though!

This game reminded me of Silent Hill. Great game!

This game reminded me of Silent Hill PS1. Great game!

So scary!

Scary and great game!

I love this game! I want to play more!

I love this game! I want to play more!

Loved the atmosphere and the background music!

What a difficult game! I liked it though lol

Great game but it was tto hard for me lol

Great game!

Great game! Thank you!

Great game! Thank you!

Great game!

Great game! It reminded me a lot of Silent Hill 3 and Resident Evil 4!

It was a great game! Also, it was very tricky and hard lol

Great game! Retro style has the best essence when it comes to horror.

This game really freaked me out!

Wow this game freaked me out lol

I didn't quite understand the story, especially the last part, but it was a cool game and had fun playing. My personal preference of the game was to have the options of either fighting or hiding somewhere rather than having to run to a specific area. Thank you!

Great game!

This is a great game! Thank you! Below is my play through!

I love this great game! Thank you!

Great game! It was hard!

Wow this was scary! Great game!

This game is amazing! I enjoyed it, thank you!

Wow this game was scary! Love the new concept of the enemy hearing you from your microphone!

This game reminds me of Clock Tower. Great game!

Great game! I just wished that the game would have let me saved lol

Despite all the glitches, this is a great game with cool concepts and new features! I was able to play through the game till the end so please take a look!

This game reminded me of Resident Evil 7. Great game!


This game was just excellent! Thank you!

Very scary with a twist at the end! Great game!

I love the atmosphere! Great game!

Wow this was scary... Awesome game!