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I appreciate that you think I have the patience to hand animate something like that but God no, that's a shader doing work haha! I also have a soft spot for those graceful bees ;)

I just realised that you've been real busy making games in quarantine ha! Keep it coming, this one in particular is bloody lovely. Great little puzzler in a great style as always

Nice work man, this was challenging but solid arcade-y gameplay. For a great cause too!

[Turns brightness to max] Ha! This is awesome man! Very nice arcade-y gameplay and the art style is lovely to boot

Thank you very much for the kind words! Glads you liked it :)

Haha it absolutely is sometimes correct to eat the neighbour - depends on if there's a story out there about someone else eating human and falling ill... ;) And that's incredibly kind of you to say, I'm blown away by the fact that people are actually enjoying it!

Thanks man! I did what I could haha

Haha! I love the confidence but it's a strong jam!

Awesome! Very glad you had a good time even without the nostalgia element. I am all too aware that the Ceefax style can be a liiiiiitle painful on the eyes if you're seeing it for the first time. Filling out the channels was always what excited me about the idea the most, I'm definitely a writer before a programmer ha! Thanks for the kinds words :)

Also, very interesting to see your approach to the game. The best way to play is making a list of the food and eliminating each food item from clues throughout the game which is obviously a slow one. You saw a lot of clues and almost made the right choice but restarting the game meant resetting what was safe unfortunately haha. Great video though, very genuine voiceover!

Haha very glad it surprised you! From what I understand you're not the first person to jump straight to feeding their kids the neighbour either ;)

I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and especially happy that it surprised you!

I too run as fast as I can from my problems

Nice simple execution, and satisfying quick gameplay - well done! I share the other comentors view on differentiating zombies, but this is an impressive demo for a jam!

Haha this is a really fun execution on the theme man, well done! :)

This is really pretty! I'm loving the art direction vision and can imagine this going in some really fun and cool places - nice work!

This is a really solid start, and the direction you were going with is clear. I really enjoyed it :)

It's good that you're self aware of taking on a big idea though haha. I look forward to seeing how much you'll be able to polish a smaller on based on how much you did of this!

This feels like a fever dream in all the right ways haha

It's definitely a great start, and I agree with making the visual design a little more consistent but all in all this was a really positive experience for me - great work!

This is great work! Almost feels like it's heading in a Blood Dragon meets Ziggurat direction, which I am personally very in favour of haha

The art direction on this is beautiful dude, nice work :)

And well done on working on couch co-op centric ideas, they always need more love!

This is a really beautiful start, man. Strangely makes me think of Ecco the Dolphin for some reason haha

I can see this building into something really cool though. Bosses would be a great addition - germs that send out spores and you have to attack several parts of it before it dies

Oh man, as much as this is an unplayable prototype, there's a lot going on that I'm loving the direction for

Firstly, the art direction so far is baller. The rat card is beautiful and the overall aesthetics could build into something great

Then the combo of Reigns and Plague Inc. has so much potential for micro and macro decision making. I can already imagine having seperate decision trees for each continent and making decisions that will help one but screw over the other

This idea is obviously pretty big which I'm sure you know. I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

This was a really nice, relaxing defence game - nice work!

Loving those visuals too, feels very nostalgic to something like Warioware strangely

Ahh thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words, and that you enjoyed it. I knew I had to fill this bad boy to the brim with content to sell the concept as best I could so I did what I had to do

Very fair constructive criticism too, sound is still something I'm dipping my toes in with game design in general so I will take that on board for the next one

Haha I can't argue with the eyecancer element. As in your face as the visuals for Ceefax were, they have such a strangely calming feeling to them for me. Maybe it's nostalgia? Maybe it's my brain slowly shutting down because of the intense colours? We'll never know...

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! I was keen to polish it as much as I could in the time I had - who needs sleep?

Thanks! I am just thankful that you had a good time! :)

Thank you so much! Very glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you! Really appreciate the positive words, Justin :)

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you had a good time even without the nostalgia factor :)

Thanks Jupiter! Glad you enjoyed :)

Nice straightforwad arcade gameplay - I imagine this would have been even more awesome if you had more time this week but you should be proud of what you put out :)

That is a cool 3D main menu

Keep up with game dev man! Enter jams and crank out ideas, I look forward to seeing where you build from here :)

This is so aggresively cool haha!

Oh wow, really intense stuff man! The only thing I was left craving was a bit more of a purpose that survive, but this was a bloody solid proof of concept!

This is a great start man! I can imagine it building out to become something like the Warioware Touched fly minigame with a bit of work and polish

Keep going on game dev, I look forward to seeing where you go with your ideas :)

This is a really neat idea but a little too difficult as it stands. Slowing down the rate of infection and having green houses that you've already discovered turn yellow if the infection passes them would really help

Lots of scope for this to be a really fun little minesweeper-esque game, nicely done! :)

Lovely little concept, and currently a really chill game :)

The aesthetic and theming of this game is top notch man, nice work. The amount of stuff going on is slightly overwhelming but I guess reasonable given that you're overseeing a global pandemic haha

Haha this is a really fun take on the theme, nicely done! As a heads up, it looks like the play in browser version has the bottom cut off!

Awesome aesthetic man! This is really nice work

Very chill, very egg-ceptional game. My favourite part is flinging the eggs at the ground and watching them bounce like their mother was a hen and their father was a car tyre