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I mean this with the utmost respect—this comment legitimately made me laugh.

Recently I re-visited my itch build of this to find that the motion blur bothered me too. I wonder what my eyes were doing differently a couple years ago.

If I manage to locate the source project for this, I am considering releasing a quality-of-life update!

I guess I underestimated the effect of the ambiguous nature of the story, since I keep receiving so many good critiques on it. Probably should've added a bit more story content right before the credits. And it would have been so easy to do, too! Ah, next time, next time.

Hey man, if I inspired you in any way that is extremely humbling to hear. Definitely continue modeling! :D

Ah yeah, the jump-run, haha! Simply a product of not having enough time towards the end to implement a true jump animation for the running one to change over to. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Unfortunately I didn't make them blue on purpose, but that's an awesome connection I hadn't realized!

It's just a theory...A WORLD AT PEACE THEORY

Thank you! I've seen those, never expected any playthrough videos to be honest so they were a pleasant surprise.

thank you! loved the gameplay!

thanks for playing, loved the playthrough!

thanks for playing!! I like your interpretation of the themes; the story was left a bit open-ended like that intentionally for some light theorizing.

**SPOILERS I guess if someone's reading the comments before playing**

when I wrote the story I thought of the world as a place the character could come to when they needed to relax, and had the statues comment on whether it is a "good" or "bad" choice to stay in that feeling forever, not able to experience anything other than that, or to return to normal life.

again, thanks for checking the game out! :)

Explore a relaxing, low-poly 3D world with a short narrative.

A World, At Peace began as an exercise in game development using Unreal Engine 4, and 3D modeling in Cinema 4D, for my second-year design studio course at New Jersey Institute of Technology. 3-4 weeks production time, with no prior knowledge of the programs. Additionally, I applied my current experience in music composition for original music and sound.

Release Trailer:

Give it a try!

A World, At Peace is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and has only been tested on PCs capable of running UE4 content. Your experience may vary; this was made primarily to present on the school workstations.

Thanks for playing!

- Josh