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Oh gosh. Thank you so much for the REALLY kind words! 

It truly makes me so happy to hear how you and your players respond to the automatas!

Thanks for the feedback on the hornet nest section too, if your game plays out differently from your feedback, do let me know. I'll see what I can do for future versions. (Or even if just for making future adventures better)

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Thanks for the rec!

Re: Screeching Cobra, my intent was to have the cobra provide an obstacle to the party escaping through this way, but I can see how it could feel really sudden and wake Satur without any player choice.

A possible remedy could be that the screams from the Cobra starts off softly and gets louder with each moment in the room, giving the Party enough time to go back but not enough time to get to R3.

I will try and amend this when I have time.

Thanks again!

Uploaded. Let me know if the new changes does not work?

Thank you!
I did not think of this, I apologize. Will fix this and upload it in a day or two.

Ah i see. Yeap! it's in Dusun from Eli Gimbad. :)


Thank you!
And that's a great suggestion for the Patreon, I'll add a link once I've sorted out my Patreon. 

Thank you for your kind words! I hope your table enjoys the adventure!

Actually, a lot less work than i expected. Just uploaded!

The kindest review! Thank you!

Sure! Let me work on it, should be up in a couple of days!

A THOUSAND THOUSAND ISLANDS is a series of fantasy settings, designed for use with tabletop RPGs, inspired by the material cultures, lived stories, and mythistories of Southeast Asia.

MR-KR-GR, a river kingdom ruled by crocodiles, built on the bones of a previous world;
KRACHING, a valley where all felines are scared, and most timber haunted;
HANTU!, a collection of short essays and prose about the fearsome Malaysian hantu; and
DRAWINGS PART ONE, an art zine filled with character art and inspiration tableaux

are available for the first time in PDF format, alongside two brand new zines:

UPPER HELENG, a time-warped forest, where the seasons roam as animal gods; and
ANDJANG, a mountain kingdom where crops never fail, farmers are thin, and royals smile with fanged teeth.

Ongoing since 2017, A THOUSAND THOUSAND ISLANDS zines sketch worlds through detailed, meticulously-researched black-and-white line art (by visual artist Mun Kao), and evocative prose plus system-neutral hooks, NPCs, and random tables (by writer Zedeck Siew) -- accelerants to set the imaginations of GMs and players afire.