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The art is adorable, some simple but good mechanic in there. And yeah the solf block is terrifying, I think it more of a hard block and lag everything on my laptop <_< (also why you end the demo right at the boss scene, why you do this to me (YuY ))

Love to see how the game will become

This is hard, but also  quite fun, I like how each characters have their own skill set which make the game have that game play loop. You did great job Noble and to the other artist too (it still hard lol)

Oh so this is what the R is used for 🤣

_Anyway the game is amazing, the control feel quite nice and I love that the game let me win with just one hand.
_The art is beautiful, the music can be creepy as heck in some stage (+1 for that) 
_The eyes on the ground feel not really an eyes so hard to see it as a threat  but well you soon learn that anyway. But the creature with bunch of eyes feel kinda underwhelming tho, I like the last one before the door, it saw me and the speed increase. The other just there as a normal walk back and forth not feel like a real threat like the main character worried

also I dont know what I did but somehow I make this negative :p and cant turn back till press R

_None the less the game is perfect, dont know if yall gonna expand it out cuz I am curious at what is the relationship the main character has with dr and allision and why she is on the run😙👌

the game still not really polished and still have bugs here and there but it winnable (yes it really difficult, sorry :p)

Idk how it gonna look like in mobile but on PC when you hover to a gem, you can see the gems next to it got highlight, I think when that happen, two arrows going circle fading in and out might somewhat help, or for more specific you could add lil animation a finger on a gem and move down so player can understand. But that is only on PC tho XP

Pretty good first try I think, select and spin still feel kinda ..... clunky? and I think when you connect 4 gem need more pop to feel satisfying, and something to show that time got plus. Love to see how this game will turn out

Yeah a win win 😎 also thank you for trying this out Petra

glad you like it 😄

He will play all game jams, there not really a schedule but generally he will announcing streaming after the jam is finish say hour or 2 maybe more, depend on time zone

you arent a cool kid, yes, but you a cool person at least to me😎

Character customization is cooler term but thank you petra 😄

Probably gonna tone down a bit if I want to attach it to any game 😅 but that would be so cool

right? I can always add more into this😎 at least hope it help with inspiration

Glad you like it and yeah they were too good not to put in😄

someone also ask that question and no it just  coincidence just because the spaceship look kinda like a dolphin and I call the space station in the middle "the Orca" ............................................*cough* I mean yeah it a reference to Pikmin :V

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_First off: thank you, glad you got the retro graphics vibe out of it and thanks for trying it out

_Second: the reason I said the game suck is because of the weird problem where if 2 of the same object (meteor) touch the main space at the same time nothing will happen and it will go through the main base and some other weird problem stopping me from adding new power in

_Third: interesting. This is basically my second game, I have zero experience on balancing stuff. I will note your suggestion tho, as you can see from "second" there still problem I dont know how to fix the collide problem yet but I understand why easy to destroy meteor feel much cooler

Thank you for trying it out

the atmosphere of the game is really creepy it would be perfect with a creepy music also the game feel nice to control 

oh wao this game is really fun, I never think of one day running and screaming "I HAVE NO MONEY LEAVE ME ALONE" but I really enjoy this survival kind of game, and for the earliest submission this is really good (also you might want to tell people R is reload I thought that bullet drop from them for a while :P

oh wow, you can really feel the weight behind your decision (O_O ) my hands is soaked in blood now, fun game tho, I'm enjoying the dialogue and the art is really good

or if I can find how to fix the problem of the meteor not taking damage you might go further than this 😫but thank you for trying it out owl 😄

I will learn and improve my skill more, thanks for trying it😄

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Thank you for playing the game!😁

Right? 😋

Huh, I see your point. I got trouble with that sometime too kay note it down, thanks for trying it out Mr Afro

Thank you Petra 😄 and nah not really because of you, the game do be hard without anyway to get easier sorry for that XP

yeah true 😙👌

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wao this game is deep in the story, love it <_< well done to all of you in the team, it is really amazing from the gameplay, art to music, although I do hate the healer too the guarantee getting hit from the star is way too annoying for me :p There 2 problems tho is that only when I reach the last level and fight for a while that I realize I can down smash and kill the fricking star

 Weeeeellllllll the game suppose to be harder than this and you can collect stuff and when you die you can upgrade and get stronger (yeah you see why it over scoped).

 I do think the smallest one does kinda too fast that caught people off guard and guarantee touch the player better, I will dial down the speed for them.

  I was gonna make them get push back but gdevelop not really a top down friendly, so when I do the push back it a bit weird but doable

if people want it, I can try and focus turning them into fully work game :P but thanks for trying the game tho Lim

yeah the art and the animation is the fun part (shock at that HAH) and yes it was suppose to have lil ui tutorial that show what is going on and how thing should work then fade away :P but glad you think it even solid enough to stand tho thanks WV


thank you, glad you like it😁


woah this is more action than I thought, this is so good I like it

It is in 2 weeks and he even wishes he could have more time to more on it

Honestly, there are still some bugs in this game like the clipping issue or characters punch without the animation play. We sadly can't kill and fix all the bugs.

But that is what gonna happen to the game jam with a limited time. Every game will have bugs, which is expected.

I still love that you let people in the community have an input in the game, love all the unique fighters. The game work like it was intended so yeah you succeed on your goal (I love how you manage to slap in the line "on the edge" at the end).

Keep up the good work WV 😁👍

The game is cute, I like that there are mini-games inside the game tho.

I have something to point out tho:

Like the conversation with your boss, it is hard to know who is talking, you can simply give the name at the start like the other or change color.

Also the game kinda easy, I know it is a simple game but it not really challenging enough in my opinion. You can add time count down before lose so players have to player carefully so they won't take too much. And maybe add some more obstacles like enemy shoot in the space ship or obstacles in racing (it just optional)

And last but not least the first minigame, the character is stuck on the side of the platform so if you can just make it stop I think it will be good.

Overall I like the game, it simple and it work. Keep up the good work😁👍

yeah it would be fun

Very simple, I respect the simple game

There are 2 things I want to point out:

+Music does not really fit the situation where you have to dodge for your life and angry British people trying to kamikaze (just saying)

+The game has kinda slow pacing, it does not feel like a car running at all. Only when about 70s-80s where the car speed feel somewhat more realistic.

Despite that, I know you have less time than everyone else due to go on vacation and I think you did pretty good. Keep it up 😁👍

The game is really fun and interesting to play. But the "tap" gap quite small so I keep getting the "long" even tho I just tap it. Overall great game👍

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This game is simple but yet so fun to play I love how you do sound effect of your voice it really hilarious 

And the parody song of catdog oh boi that is top-notch 

Although this part scares the shite out of me. Overall great game.