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You can cycle through a few different camera views by pressing X. If you haven't tried that, maybe one of those would be better for you? 

Left a newer comment with new evaluation of the game (the change is really good, imo!)

I left an earlier comment saying the sky gave me a headache - I've now tried the game now that the developer has changed the sky from purple static to something more calm (gradient sky with particles).

I really want to say thanks for this change: turns out this is a really relaxing game. It's gone from being a hypothetical like to something I really enjoy playing.

Though, the teacher gave me an F and I had to redo an assignment :(

Thanks for making the update! :D

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Necesito decir también que me gusta mucho el uso de idiomas diferentes en el juego y el sistema de traducir. A veces cuando estaba jugando pensé 'SI TAN SOLO HUBIERA ESTUDIADO UNOS DE LOS IDIOMAS DE LONG GONE DAYS Y NO EL ESPAÑOL' pero no sabía que el estudio fue de Chile.

Tengo una pregunta desde esto para las diseñadores (si ustedes quieren hacer respuesta!): si el juego fue traducido a unos de los idiomas que son en el juego en el primer lugar, como el alemán, como funcionaría eso? Cuando los personajes hablarían inglés con texto en alemán, lo harían con la bandera del reino unido (o E.E.U.U)?


I've played through to the start of Day 4 today intending to play more than one game today, but instead I just got so sucked into this one! I really enjoy the art style and animations, and the colors are great. 

The combat works pretty well. I've found I'm able to carry my team through on mainly morale and skills rather than using very many non-healing items, which is pretty good because I ended up giving a lot of those away.

The (non-sniping) combat system itself reminds me very much of VATS from Fallout New Vegas mixed with Pokemon. It feels kind of weird to shoot someone (who isn't wearing a helmet!!) in the head with a gun - or really, anywhere with a gun - and not kill them or knock them out. The idea that you can evade a bullet also feels unusual to me conceptually. Neither of these things are unique in games though, so I can't really say it detracts. Maybe it's just that it gets highlighted by the combination of weaponry and the mechanics of how you use them in the game? It's unusual (or at least new-to-me) and caught me by surprise, but I have to say that it does work.

The game requires a decent amount of strategy and actually seems fairly well balanced in the sense that you can't just select random stuff and expect to get through fights by the early middle of the game. As well, NPCs with the same roles and/or art seem to fight with different strategies in different battles, which makes it feel varied.

I also feel really attached to my whole team by now, and the level design is SUPER SUPER GOOD. This must have taken so much work. I'm really impressed.

I got this game as part of the Racial Justice bundle.

Wow, thanks! I'm going to give this another go :)

A neat game. I got this as part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I like the inscrutable AI grader and the world design is so weird and so cool. I had trouble playing this when I started because of the static effects on the sky and the grading screen - I found them overwhelming and it hurt my ability to focus on the other parts of the game - but managed to sort-of work around this by playing in windowed mode and making the window a very small portion of my screen. The downside is that this makes the text and icons really small, but I thought I should share this tip in case it helps anyone else out.

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I tried playing this game! We set it up by having one person ask for the words for the mad lib and the other person to come up with them. It was good fun, and very entertaining, but the physical aspects were hard to do exactly as the rules described. For example, we couldn't grip each others' article of clothing with great ease as we chose "sock", so we grasped each others' shirts. We also had to break the staring contest in undramatic ways to check the dice roll rules, and to deal with the dice rolling off the table.

That said I think this game would be solid to play with:

  • A prop representing your weapon (a pool noodle?)
  • Something with walls to roll your die in

I'm also not too sure about the grasping aspect. I feel like the staring contest would be easier to hold if we weren't standing there holding a chunk of clothing too, but it did add to the funniness so I can't really complain. However if you don't want to use physical touch I think the game would be fine without it.

All in all this is pretty funny and short. If you're looking for a game like that, check it out.

This is a great game. It's hilarious and gets better with more rounds as players remember the rules better, but is still great to play one time. My favourite part is the disparity in how people want to style their fighters (two wildly different fighters makes an interesting backstory).

I also like the quip mechanics, though as you go forward quips just end up happening when they need to. I think having them as an initial prompt to make them helps encourage the game in that direction.

This is funny, short, and portable. Would recommend.