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Pretty interesting twist on tower defence because obviously you can't really predict the route!

Such lovely art. :)

This is lovely. Great art, interesting puzzles. It's also surprisingly detailed for a game jam game!

Enjoyed this a lot :)

Interesting mechanic that, added a degree of tension! Loved the toaster sprite. :)

I enjoyed the dialogue in this. A pity you couldn't add more to the gameplay but it's very solid for what it is.

51! :P The chicken noise made me laugh.

Hello. I made this game. Sometimes you can liberate a stuck chicken by calling down the lift to the top floor. Chickens... they're not the brightest animals. Sorry :P

Fun :) Glad I had another go at it knowing the instructions and how to get the audio working!

It's like a cookie clicker with some sort of twitch reflex element. You have to to be pretty quick with a mouse to spend the electricticty! Nice :)

Thanks :)

Sort of. I'm working full time on a game, but then once it's over I suspect I'll be back to doing web dev!

Thanks :)

It's made with my own custom game engine (although Three.JS is buried in there somewhere!). The art, sound and music was made by me this weekend although some of the sound and background tiles were recycled from other projects. I normally do Ludum Dare competitions so I'm pretty used to churning out a load of art and stuff in a short space of time :)

Yeah, really frustrating that! I don't know why I thought I'd tackle AI chickens in a game jam :)

I'm assuming the more browsers you can support the better.. But is it okay to ignore Internet Explorer? :p I'll be trying to support Edge because that now has the Web Audio API, along with Chrome, Firefox and *maybe* desktop Safari if it just magically works out of the box.

Am curious about how much weighting browser compatibility will have, especially as most WebGL exports seem to ignore Internet Explorer too?