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hiya itake,

nah i just made a bit of a snap judgement above. You can see that yames and I talked it over in the comments.

Thank you for your reply Yames!

Apologies for misinterpreting your work. That may have been a snap judgement on my part as a lot of the game particularly rang true for myself as someone who has been through the gender identity clinic etc. (the rotting bones particularly-- some trans folks end up with bone damage due to the gender clinic incorrectly dosing and prescribing antiandrogen medication.) I've very much met people who think of gender transitioning as being something similar to this sort of thing.

I'm a little ashamed for jumping to conclusions so quickly, as I'm not really interested in trying to 'cancel' artworks that make me uncomfortable, especially when that's an important part of the aim of horror works!

Thank you very much for your response to my worries. I very much appreciate that.

I hope you are well,


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seemed kind of transphobic frankly when i played it.

A lot of it is about like, weird metamorphosis providing community/spiritual connection and destroying traditional values. It felt like it was about the horror of that from a conservative perspective, and I'm not quite sure that's a good thing.

Thanks very much Snep! I'm glad you like it! and yes, I will!

Our Spaces Were Not Made For Us is a 48-page free zine about sex work, erotic art & queer art on social media, and looking at the whole weird kinda-muddy industry that we rely on to propagate our work.

The zine contains some essays, some comics, lots of art, and a very long rant about economics.

content warnings for: A couple of pages with some (fairly tame) pornographic imagery, some screenshots of transphobic tweets used to illustrate a point. (these are marked in the zine so you can avoid them if you so choose.)

Download it for free here, and tell me what you think!

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YEAHHH glad u like it iris it came out so freakin good... and was v fun!!

my next comics just gonna be porn tho lolll

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aw thanx pal!!!!! i'm v proud of us all & glad u like the zine

ahhh just makeing my little zine :)

This is very cute.