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Thank you! I will be sure to include that in my video then. And I apologize ahead of time if it turns out I just overlooked something. ( ^_^;)

I was studying your SRD with the intention of creating a video on it for my SRD YouTube series, and I noticed that there was an potential inconsistency in the text. I was hoping to clarify it before I potentially make a mistake in my script.

The SRD says in the rules for Glitch Dice on page 27, "Like regular dice, glitch dice also explode." However, I noted there was no mention of exploding dice when discussing standard dice rolls and hits in either the SRD or Iron Edda Reforged. 

This lead to me having several questions. Was there an exploding dice mechanic that I missed or that was initially included and later omitted during testing? If there is an exploding dice mechanic intended, would this work like in other pool-based systems (i.e. if 6 is rolled, a hit is recorded and the die rerolled?)

Thanks for your hard work on this. It so far looks really good!

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is going on and ideas people have.

I am currently working on something but it is using a hybrid of a couple of systems I am cooking up. We will see if the holidays allow me to finish it or if I will have to resort to the last-minute ashcan approach.

I already thought this SRD was awesome, but I am loving the designer notes! I am going to have a lot of fun playing around with Fx and moves based on some of the new content and suggestions you mentioned there. Keep up the good work! 😁

Thank you! I am glad you found it both useful and enjoyable. ^_^

Awesome spells! I am glad you found the tool useful.

This looks like a lot of fun!

I also just wanted to let you know that Lucky Newt Games is hosting an Anime and Manga Tribute TTRPG Jam that this would definitely fit in if you wanted to submit it. (^_^)

I would recommend something like “[title] - a FishBlade game.”  We could also come up with a logo real quick. 

Thanks for that! I have actually been slowly working on a mechanics toolkit/SRD for the Blossom, so I will be sure to share a news post on the game when it is released!

This game has an interesting structure, but I am concerned about the action resolution mechanic. In order to have any level of success in a roll, you need to roll doubles on a pair of d8s. A player would only have a 12.5% success of doing this. A Full or Critical success is significantly lower.  There are ways to increase these chances, but they require taking advantage of undead type bonuses or a limited pool of points. 

While this may match the intended stye of play the creator was going for, I would be  concerned that this puts the range of success too far out of reach to be enjoyable for my usual group of players.

This sounds great! I am glad you are creating an SRD. I have been meaning to make a game where the players are the followers/clients/affinity of a central patron who the group is trying to help out of trouble like they have been arrested by a political rival or someone is attempting a character (or literal) assassination. It sounds like Nova Tali might be a good system for it. 

In fact, now that I think about it, having the group be the Cliens of a Roman Patronus who is a senator or governor in the provinces might be a fun scenario for Jovia! (^_^)

Considering using this SRD? Check out this video to see if it will fit your vision!

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Beside being an interesting solo game, this looks like a great tool to create in-depth NPCs for a Minority Report-style campaign!

Made a TTRPG Talk Short featuring this game if you need anything more to convince you that Sunkiller is awesome!

A short video review of Cargo can be found here!

I released a short review of this game in my YouTube channel! You can find it here:

This is an interesting cooperative storytelling system. The emotional stamina system encouraging people to be effected and involved, but also requiring a minimum amount of distance from the events in the story to avoid their character from, if you don't mind the pun, burning out, is a creative way to go about this kind of compassionate game-play.


Thumbs up to you!

This is a cute idea! I especially like that avoiding getting captured is one of the elements of the game.


Thumbs up to you!

An interesting and cute generator!


Thumbs up to you!

This game was the most recent subject of my TTRPG Talk Short series.

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A video review for a tasty cuppa!

Sorry, this one has always been hard to keep up with!

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Check out this quick  video review of the game here!

Chrck out a quick review of this game here! 

Thank you again for your kind words and review!

Did a video review of Heroic Archivist here!

Thank you very much! (^_^)

A short review of this game was released on the Hessan's County Youtube Channel!

My elevator pitch for The Tutelary Society?

Ancient village guardians hiding in plain sight, protecting the city their villages grew into from physical and supernatural harm.

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Take a look at my examination of this awesome game!

You can choose to read about it on my blog here or watch it in video form here:

Thank you!

I am so glad to see a new version of this game!

Do physical backers also get a digital copy of the text or is that purchased separately?

Thank you for your review and also for pointing out those mistakes!

I wrestled on where to put the explanation on the dice mechanic because I did not want to overwhelm K-drama fans unfamiliar with TTRPGs with talk of dice before they had a chance to consider their character. I may restructure that arrangement in the future.

I did not mention it in the product page because it is still in the early stages, but I do intend on creating some example characters and an initial story arc as a sort of Starter Kit.

That is an interesting idea! I will certainly look into it and post an update if I do decide to set up a PoD option in the future.

For the moment, I am focusing on finishing up the layout and art where it is still rough in this version and creating a Print-Friendly version for people printing at home.

I did a Hypeswap with WuDe reviewing Clean-up Crew. I found it interesting and an inspired mix of their Elemental Dice system and the LUMEN SRD!

Feel free to look at the full review here!