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LNJ, or Lucky Newt Jams, are jams hosted by yours truly. Games that match the theme well enough will be added into a bundle, with profits split equally between all creators. Please be sure to read through the Rules section before you enter a submission. 


This is a jam to celebrate all the wonderful and varied tropes that populate our favorite anime and manga through TTRPGs. Whether it's Magical Girl Transformations, Going to Another World, Enemies to Friends, Black Cat/Golden Retriever Friendship, or Gundums, there is a whole variety to work off of.

You don't have to be a fan of anime or manga to jump on this jam! I'll include a list of common tropes and short explanations (as well as a couple of videos on Youtube) in the Community Tab that other fans can freely add to. It'll be included on this main page once it's created; I just need a day or four to work on it. It won't be a full list because, goodness there's a lot, but it will hopefully be enough that can act as a starting point for some great creations!

We look forward to seeing your creations!


All entries to this jam must:

  1. Be a TTRPG, or for a TTRPG. I'm not going to break out the old debate on what makes a TTRPG a true Tabletop Roleplaying Game. Use your best judgement. Supplements such as settings and adventures definitely work, as long as they include tropes from anime and manga of some sort. Please leave your video games at the door.
  2. Fit the theme in some way. While some tropes blur the line into genres (I'm looking at you, Isekai!), there should still be something in the theme that makes it specifically that trope. When it doubt, just ask in the Community Tab or in our Discord.
  3. Be your own creation. Please be especially careful with copyright laws in this one, and understand plagiarism will not be tolerated. To put it simply, Swiper no swiping!
  4. Not promote hatred, violence, bigotry, etc towards any irl group or people.  Even demon lords get some love in anime and manga.
  5. Be accessible for free during the jam. This ensures that all games can be checked to make sure they follow the rules. You can use Community Copies or as a (limited time) PWYW, whatever works best for you and your creation.

You can:

  1. Submit multiple games. The more, the merrier!
  2. Work individually, in pairs, or in teams.  Just make sure credit goes where it's due.
  3. Submit old and/or new games. Old anime can have some of the best tropes, even if they're not as polished as some of the newer anime!
  4. Have your game set as paid or PWYW. I recommend paid because you're putting work and time into this, but that's up to you.
  5. Make your game any length. Whether it fits on a business card or takes several pages, it's welcomed... though I might have to skim through the graphic novels.

Feel free to join our Discord Server for more help and ideas.

This image is brought to you by Jason from Myth-Forged Games. The background is by Mohammad Zahir Fikri at Everything else is open sourced.


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a young fae’s adventure in the human world
A game inspired by the first editions of 3D&T / Um jogo inspirado pelas primeiras edições de 3D&T
A survival horror TTRPG about cursed priestesses.
Real Robot War Drama TTRPG
A japanese-style survival horror TTRPG.
Devil hunters at a public law enforcement division
A solo journaling experience based on Utena, Revolutionary Girl
A Magical Girl Game
A storytelling adventure for 1+ players
An Isekai - RPG powered by the PUSH-System
a business card game about being stuck in a time loop at the end of summer
A two page RPG inspired by One Piece where you play as lovable pirates.
Rally the Banner in this Space Opera Strategy TTRPG!
A DEMO solo journaling RPG game where you make a character and get transported into unique new worlds!
An idle ttrpg fashion game
Music-inspired power users Forged in the Dark
A spiritual detective Lasers & Feelings hack
a system-agnostic party bonding minigame
an emotional safety meta-narrative technique
A game about magical girls deciding whether to defeat their villain with love... or justice
You are a merchant in pre-industrial Germany. Unfortunately you are also an actual wolf.
creative problem solving and character drama
Shonen Anime meets Fighting Games meets the tabletop
a minigame to play violent cinematic action scenes in your TTRPGs
A Chainsaw Man inspired Paragon Playset.
A two player game about a mutual confession held under the night sky…
Rules-light TTRPG inspired in animes like Hunter x Hunter and Evangelion
A modern take on classic-style fantasy, through an anime lens.
A mini-RPG inspired in dating sims and romance anime.
A mecha pilot (and their rescuer) think back on the war as death and rescue race to reach them first.