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Thanks! I've approved it.

If you fell in love with someone from another empire and of another species, would you be willing to stand against your own culture to save them?

The Ambassador's Coterie is iceCreamRush's first erotic adventure novel. Told in 'NVL' style, this is a largely text-based VN with accompanying background drawings to 'set the scene'. The game has a high-quality soundtrack and a polished, but minimalist, UI. All CGs are done in a 'sketch style' due to budgetary and time constraints, but the sketches are highly polished.

It's a slow-burner so don't expect things to get hot immediately; this one wants you to get to know it before it takes you to bed. This is a novel that explores themes of class-distance and societal norms played against a backdrop of politics and intrigue; of using sex and play as a vehicle to 'softly bridge the divides' and bring a couple romantically and socially closer while playing with concepts of social-norms, duty, honor, and subservience.

TAC was created for the #SexGamesJam on and is a bit of an experiment for iceCreamRush. Normally, I just create adult artworks but I figured 'why not give it a try'.

A full run of the game takes about an hour. It's fully kinetic so it's more of a 'sit back and enjoy' sort of experience. The game is fully uncensored as well and was produced by a staff of one over two weeks' time. Give me a shout if you check it out and like it! I'd show some screenshots with the more 'spicy' bits of the tale but given this is a public forum you'll just have to head over to the page for the game to see those!

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Oh, sorry, it's a fanfic community term. It just means the work involves a 'boy/boy pairing' or, in other words, a romance between two men. It's akin to 'm|m' ('male|male' or 'man|man'). Sorry for the obscure term, I'm still learning how itch likes to tag works like this! e: Decided after looking around a bit more on itch to change that to 'Gay Erotic Romance'.

Thanks for hosting the jam, by the way! I was hesitant to try and post a work to but the SGJ seems to have been the push I needed.