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Love  the visuals and the sfx! Very peaceful and oddly addicting to play

Great job! :DD

Thank you for the great feedback! I learnt from my last game it's better to have slight "Checkpoints" in a game for it to be more fun! I do agree the game can be slow at times and thats mainly due to me not having all that much time for better level design. Im also rlly happy that you enjoyed the boss so much since its the first time I've ever made one and it definitely took the most time! 

Glad you enjoyed the game!

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I couldnt find the button to shoot gun ._. 

what are the controls?

My apologies turns out the import was totally missing the play and quit button, should be fixed now! Sorry

Only for windows??? :((

Very nice and well-polished game! The only annoying part I feel was when the player went out of the frame the camera just teleported to it making some jumps and escaping the cloud annoying. 

Otherwise, great job just work a bit more on the camera maybe zoom it out more or have it follow the player!

Yea the I wanted to make a checkpoint system but because of scope creep and a limited time I unfortunately didn't have time to implement it in a that wouldn't cause 10 bugs so I had to cut it, Well hope you still liked the parts u played!

There seems to be a bug in the MacBook version because it's not letting me download the game on my laptop. It says it can be opened because the file is damaged? :P

Glad you liked it! I wanted to make a bit more levels but I didn't have enough time to make them fun and interesting.

The Spikes are there to make the game more interesting and honestly while developing i wanted to make the game feel more like a platformer less and puzzles since most of the puzzles are pretty simple to solve. The Spikes add a fun level of difficulty and prevent you from compleating the game in 1 minute :DD, Anyways sorry if some jump were too difficult, but I was more going for the feeling of happiness when you complete a really fun level instead of just solving some easy puzzles and being done with it.

Oh in most engines exporting is free and doable in engine, well guess you are losing in a lot of players since a big majority of GE's community use linux 

Thanks! Adding Checkpoints was actually a feature I wanted to add, but I didn't want to fall into too much scope creep and not be able to finish in time so I had to cut out the feature.

Thank you, this really made my day to see people really playing my game with friends and having fun, I didn't make too many levels to make sure people would be able to finish the game in time.

Good to know!

I would try looks rlly nice but i can't cuz its only exported for Windows and not for Mac and Linux or Web

Awesome level dising very polised and thought out Loved it!

Aww ist only for windows :((

The game is really funny in ist style however I don't know who to shoot the blue guys making the main start to just run past them, in not sure if you intended like a switch feature for red and blue guys But otherwise pretty fun tho! I don't have one other problem witch is at level 3 or 4 not sure there are just 10 red and 10 blue guys shooting at one time making it impossible to beat. Good game otherwise!

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Yea the nuging was relly just a side effect of the kinematic body and wasnt originally even intedet to be a feature since you are meant pick up the box to move it but i kept it in to make the box feel more life like and have you be able to nuge it a little for more accuracy, but i guess i didnt make it rlly clear enought that you need to pick it up, hope you still enjoyed the game tho!

I loved the art style and the sound effects and it felt really satisfying to cook weird running pizzas and burgers, one thing was that the game only had one level when i was expecting to have just a little bit more content to the game, but its understandable since its a jam game, Great Work, keep it up!

Yes Thank you, I wanted the game to be fun to play alone or with friends or family!

Glad you liked it!

If what i understadn you are trying to nuge the box manually, but this is not the case by pressing Player 1 E or Player 2 Alt you interact with the box picking it up, This is indicated by the glow around the box when you get close, Hope this helps unless i misuderstood your post! :DD 

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Sorry if the game was too hars i tried balancing the game a lot, but admittedly a lot of the part are pretty hard, but to me if you have a hard levels compleating it makes it feel ever so much better. Anyways enough of my rambling glad you liked it!


Thanks! Im glad you like it!

why only exported for windows ;(( 

Very fun but also later get very difficult when there are 10 ghosts right behind you :O, I like the concept and and changing platforms really gave an extra challenge when you are running from the ghost and the fool under you disappears really fun game keep up the good work!


Very fun, controls are a little confusing for me since im used to wasd and mouse controls, witch makes the main aspect of fighting very difficult

Great! :DD

Only windows ported :(( Sell screenshots look rlly cool!

Great game!

Love the art style :DD 

Finnish Poog :DD 

Before anyone comments, I realized that there is no indicator to press esc in the starting cutscene where u receive the letter because I forgot to add it :DD

So just press esc once you read the letter! 


Seems like a really fun game, but you only ported the game on Windows and didn't make the game on Web Play :(( Would have loved to play it and i like the art style from the pictures lmao..