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Sorry for almost frying you computer! :( didn't have the time to optimize some stuff all around and I forgot to turn off some post effects. Probably that will help. Gonna check it after Jam

Oh :(, didn't know about this. Thanks for the info! Will upload another without the embedded pck

Press F! I think it is coded.

Solid entry! Loved the immersive audio and those footsteps.

Sweet color palette and aesthetics :D

When I saw those big skeletons I was thinking oh no, a soulslike game

I like the game whilst i'm not sure if it is working okay. Are these shadows supposed to work as platforms? I find myself stuck in the air when i jump on them, like they have a rectangle collider.

Anyway, nice idea and great entry for a first timer! :)

Hi Ereborn! In fact there is a difficulty curve; shadows get faster with each egg scored and chicken captured.

And yes, the background track loop is made in Fl Studio (didn’t have the time to make it longer tho) 

I can't reproduce the chicken falling bug to fix it :(

Oh no, floating chickens!!

Great job with this one guys! One of my favourites so far.

Had a blast literally (first time i blew myself with a grenade) :P
Nice entry!

Really cool!