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Great Game!

Thanks for the feedback, i've tryed to make a little story for the game. But I agree that my game design didn't turn out to be that good.

For Sure.

Very Well Polished, I like it. Maybe, could have more ways to play it.

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Yes They Do.  (It's intentional)

Just Like I Wanted, You can click on the game do move the player around too. There is many ways to play. Even in the a Phone, thanks for your commentary. 

I was thinking in make a timer, to see if people would speedrun it.

What am i supousd to do?

Didnt got it? What it is about?

What it is about?

Short, but realy fun, and fit's well the theme, congrats for your game

Fit's the theme realy well, but you didn't had to make a boring game. Played for 30 secs.

Yes, you could do this game without it, also I would like to have more levels, to play. it's too short. but congrats for publishing!

Nice game, well done, hope to see more games form you!

it's realy rush man, I see, but you publish it, that is what metters!

Continue making games!

I can't beleave you did all this art in just 3 hours, i didn't made the art of my game,  very nice job!

Nice game, but it's a little to heavy, for my pc, and i took the skip you left

Nice game, but you know u leave a way to skip the game completely, just by going up after the title screen, then entering in the little gap on the "you win" room.

Be nice to others, my game isn't perfect nider is yours!

Congrats for publishing it!

Nice game!

Nice game, i took the jumpscare, the quit and retry buttons are not working though.

Just missed i replay button when i beet the game and a timer, so i can beat it again

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I't has been a while since i've played such a nive platformer, congratulations for you game!

Very fun game u have here. Congrats!

I was looking to see if there was any way in witch I could build my game to exe

The only way I got working was to build to Love and then convert that .love file to .exe, gived me the final tip i needed to build it

His is so fun!!!!

Nice job!

Nice game ^_^

I Just dont know where I got that gun! Hahaha

Short but fun!

Keep on Making games !

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Oh my gosh, this is amazing you actually have made a video about my game,  thank you so mush.

Quick But Awesome! Great Music. Awesome platforming, Very Good Job.

Thanks for the feedback buddy, sorry for my misses. I did not put enough time in the single player mode to make it more polished. But anyway i hope you enjoy it.

Thanks. :3. It is based on this dude right here. 

Thanks for playing, and for your feedback.

If you like leave your comment.

Very Good