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Hi! I'm on linux and the game doesn't launch, and when I'm trying to launch it via a terminal I get this error:

[10768:10768:1102/] Check failed: !data.empty(). Unable to find resource: 484. If this happens in a browser test
running on Windows, it may be that dead-code elimination stripped out the code that uses the resource, causing the resource to be stripped out because the
resource is not used by chrome.dll. See

Also the url in the error code redirects to a 404 page.

Do you have a fix for this problem? I'd really like to play this game but right now I cannot. Thanks.


I recently updated to Debian 12 Bookworm, and since the update the app won't launch.

I get a black window for a few seconds when the app launchs, then it closes itself. I don't get an error message. 

The app was working fine on Debian 11.

I tried uninstalling then reinstalling the app, but I still got the same problem. I don't have an antivirus.

Here's the log from when I try to launch the app via the console:

2023/05/18 18:04:15 itch-setup will log to /tmp/itch-setup-log.txt 
2023/05/18 18:04:15 =========================================
2023/05/18 18:04:15 itch-setup "v1.26.0, built on Apr 22 2021 @ 03:48:12, ref 48f97b3e7b0b065a2478811b8d0ebcae414845fd"
starting up at "2023-05-18 18:04:15.403743196 +0200 CEST m=+0.001466182" with arguments:
2023/05/18 18:04:15 "/home/elliot/.itch/itch-setup"
2023/05/18 18:04:15 "--prefer-launch"
2023/05/18 18:04:15 "--appname"
2023/05/18 18:04:15 "itch"
2023/05/18 18:04:15 "--"
2023/05/18 18:04:15 =========================================
2023/05/18 18:04:15 App name specified on command-line: itch
2023/05/18 18:04:15 Locale:  fr-FR
2023/05/18 18:04:15 Initializing installer GUI...
2023/05/18 18:04:15 Using GTK UI
2023/05/18 18:04:15 Initializing (itch) multiverse @ (/home/elliot/.itch)
2023/05/18 18:04:15 (/home/elliot/.itch)(current = "25.6.2", ready = "")
2023/05/18 18:04:15 Launch preferred, attempting...
2023/05/18 18:04:15 Launching (25.6.2) from (/home/elliot/.itch/app-25.6.2)
2023/05/18 18:04:15 Kernel should support SUID sandboxing, leaving it enabled
2023/05/18 18:04:15 App launched, getting out of the way

On linux, several bugs regarding how the text and sprites are displayed in Malik's route. For example, during the intro after Malik and Alice hugs, Alice's sprite is displayed way up:

If you got a contact email or something similar, I can send you screenshots of the bugs, where they happen and how to reproduce them, it will be easier than on the itchio comment page lol.

Hi! Is there somewhere to report bugs? I've played for 10 min and already encountered 2. The game seems promising otherwise.

Cats <3