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I'm only now just seeing this - but thank you very much for your kind comment! I'm glad to have made something that was useful.

Hi Jack!

It's whatever that phrase means to you - you don't need to explicitly include a moon in your game. Some people have - and that's okay! The "moon" is whatever you want the metaphor to be, or what you want the "moon" to symbolize.

I am so glad! I would love to hear about your adventures in the Addy Sea!

I would also love the ability to do revenue share with people I hire for work - artists, editors, etc. I have had not great experiences with DriveThru RPG; I also don't want to make more D&D related content if I can help it because I've not had a great user experience with OBS.

I want to focus on making more games, and less time trying to sort out pre-projects how I'm going to be able to pay everyone equally and equitably if the platform I use for releasing projects doesn't have revenue share.