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I didnt get your email tbh. Please send again. Please provide as much detail as possible.

can you email me a screenshot? to

hmmm ... R ollback as to rolling to the previous version?  It is a possibility if it is important but we test every version we release with new features.  I definitely will ask the development team from now on to keep all copies each individual versions.  

I have replied via email. Please check. you should be able to login anyway

Often emails may have gone to the bulk or spam .. I will ask the development team to add a restore or re-register function asap

Please check the spam folder again,  try reinstall and it should let you register. My development team has tested and there should be a process for you to register after installing the software. could you provide screenshots if you still have issues?

Please write me an email with your detail information.

Also, please check your spam folder.


Please write to with your login info

we are adding lots of different costumes. Please reinstall or update from time to time.  Please let us know if you need help. This game is brought to you by, Free Premium Accounts Limited Time Only

Sex Scene will be added again in the future. We had to remove it temporary for improvements.  thanks for your purchase. 

it should be all unlocked for post payment version. Will ask and get back to you

Please let us know if there are any more bugs.  We have tested it many many times before releasing. 

Please redownload the file. My development team has corrected this bug.

received it. refering to my developer team asap. 

Please email screenshot over to .

my game is hentai fighter.  my dashboard say its published. but i search hentai fighter, i dont my game listed there

any idea?