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My gameplay here

My gameplay here

I like it very much! Good work - as always :)

Amazing game! Lot of fun! Thanks for this!!!

Ok, I will be waiting. My gameplay here/

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After 3rd level it crash and I see desktop...

Hello Arjon!

I changed mail - previous is lost cause I've changed job.

Contact me: henryk.tur40(at)

I totally forgot I did not gave you my new e-mail :(

All endings here!

My latest gameplay here

Where to download?

Oh, men, uploading gameplay at YT right now

It was pleasrue. If I can advide: make bigger and longer game inside kind of labirynth with deadly traps and different zones. Then it will be even more lovely!

Amazing game! My gameplay here

I also uses Kaspersky but result is different...

My antivirus warning me against download

Hmm... Not my option :)


Portada alternativa - ???

Looks great!

I like it!

I don't remember now. It was written somewhere.

Eh... In first game I run to South and was wandering pointless about 5 minutes. Before I started again I red Readme file and found cementary. Then found well. And... still walks pointless around, sometimes I saw ghost. And... nothing more. I think area of game is too big and easy to lost way.

Very atmospheric game. My gameplay here

Oh, I was so far away...

Very hard game but it was pleasyre to try it hundreds of times :)
Big props for 50 lives!

How many levels in game?

Nie nadążam z pobieraniem, jak sypiesz hurtowo grami :)

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I saw intro and see loader. Nothing more :( I am using Speccy.

EDITL when I changed mode from 128 to 48, it works!

Yeah, I know. I like this game. At start I was sure it it "10 minutes game" - got 10 keys and end. I was surprised when discovered it is not end.
More, please :)

I gave up at 3rd level :)

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Game finished. My advice to all players: check every elements on screen. Even smallest one.

Ok, sending mail tonight. Thanks!

BTW - looking for place to put emblem :)

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LOL; yes' it's all the time me :) I will contact you by PM cause have interesting idea of your games' promotion :)
EDIT: Hmm... I dont see option to send PM. Any mail please?

One at room where is closed cupboard (mechanism in frieplace to open).
BTW - my gameplay:

Now I am lookin' for 2nd urn :)

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Heh, I am stucked :) Fire is burning, I have crystal ball and flask with water and... nothing to do :)

EDIT: Ok, I got it and now see portrait of owner :) But - this coin is almost invisible. Fix this please.

Eh... I've finished 1st level, see "Exiit apperas" and... nothing happens. No exit on board :(

How can I support You?

Hi! I was playing and rendering gameplay right now. I have question - is any end of this game. I have finished in endless flight up among giant cogwheels.

I like this game very much!!!

More  - pleeaaaaaaseee!!!!