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Pretty cute game, ran into a couple bugs though.

Firstly, I was killed by running sideways into a spike in level 1 and bounced onto another enemy and didn't respawn correctly - the camera slid back to the beginning of the level (even though I had the first checkpoint hit) and didn't respawn me.

Secondly, holding down fire while on a moving platform slides you backwards.

I like the art and the qt protagonist though. Good work, gamer.

Played both difficulties, got B on both.

The gameplay is pretty okay but I really felt the nausia one of the other comments posted about on the higher difficulty. The swooping camera combined with the inputs moving from one side is a really good way to make people feel sick.

One of my main complaints about the gameplay is that a lot the notes aren't in sync with the beat - I'm a flautist IRL so I'm used to subdividing beats into crazy patterns and it just screwed me over because sometimes the "great" key presses were 1/8th or even 1/4th behind or ahead of the beat. It's particularly annoying on the easy difficulty when the inputs follow the song more closely. Normal difficulty's inputs didn't seem to follow the song at all which ironically made it a lot easier.

The game's salvageable and I'll still spam bunny art on the thread, but it needs a bit of work still.