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Hi there!
In a few days it should be available through and

Thank you so much! <3

Amazing stuff! <3

Thanks! And yeah, absolutely, depending on where you are based you'll be able to buy a physical copy this week, the next or by the end of May! :)

Yes, it's now all packed and ready for the international shipping to the US fulfillment centre and should be send next week! :) 

You're playing it right 👍🏻

Thank you so much for sharing, this means a lot! <3
BTW: If I ever get some more time and space I'll get back to this idea of "Your Last Year on Earth" which is going to be a beautifully printed journal/calendar, with rules and prompts seamlessly integrated into it, with photographs to get into the mood. Possibly 365 pages, one per day - we will see how it goes! :) 

It's intentionally vague and short, which fits the game and it's themes :)

In March for the EU/UK/ROW, depending on different factors it might be early April for the US. But no longer than that.

It means a World, Champ, coming from you <3

Absolutely, the book is being printed right now! :)

Ooooh, thank you so much, that's really motivating! <3 

Haha, you're welcome! I hope you'll check out the FULL version:

Thanks so much! Yeah, after 7 years in a corporate environment, I know really well how horrible it can be. Even worse than what's in the book!

Thank you! I'm so glad you like it. <3

And done! <3

For sure, thanks for the reminder! 

2 years. It took me 2 years. But it's coming!

Absolutnie fantastyczne! <3 

Great mix of funny and dark! A perfect one-shot to quickly introduce people to CY_BORG.

Love it! <3 

Thanks a million! <3

Amazing idea to mix urban legends, Liminal and CY in one! I'll definitely bring this to the tabletop. 

A great example of maximizing the potential in such small format. Everything needed to play is inside, layed out nicely, crisp and simple. Would also make for a great solo module! A bit light on the "rogue-lite" theme, but other than that it's so well done!

Thank you! So unfortunate that the players won't feel the same :D 

Thank you soooo much! <3 

Thanks mate, I really do appreciate you dig it! :) Hope you'll be able to introduce that for your group at one point :) 

I absolutely LOVE the main idea and how it binds both field and out-of-field activities. It is a bit rough here and there but I see a lot of potential here. If you're planning to work on this further I'll be really happy to follow all the way :) 

While I'm not sure if it hits the theme perfectly it does look like a perfect system for what it does! I was playing in my head while reading this, and that should say a lot. Super excited to give it a try with some figures! Finally a good reason to use my 40k minis ;) 
What I particularly love about this (beyond the idea which is super cool) is the design, clarity and small details like safety card and tactical options. 

I'm a dog(fighter) for things like this since I've read Brandon Sanderson's "Skyward". Also, big nostalgia on the X-Wing series! Ruleset is simple enough to get going from the start but allows for a depth you'd expect from a starfighter shooter. Happy to give it a proper try as soon as possible.

Haha! Thanks! I can't imagine a single player to be happy to play this but amongst so many fun adventures to play I thought "let make them lose their minds with this one!" ;) I hope it does justice to those horrible, horrible escort missions in video games.

Quick question - are we talking everything tabletop [RPG]? So I can make classes, NPCs, random tables, a system or a dungeon?

Some great advice here, but just to correct one thing - it's meant to be a A5 format, not "a 5 page format". So one-two pages is more than ok ;) 

That is exactly the point. Very much in spirit of the game! ;) 

Wow, that's a great idea!
I've got a journaling game just released a few days ago: