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A great example of maximizing the potential in such small format. Everything needed to play is inside, layed out nicely, crisp and simple. Would also make for a great solo module! A bit light on the "rogue-lite" theme, but other than that it's so well done!

Thank you! So unfortunate that the players won't feel the same :D 

Thank you soooo much! <3 

Thanks mate, I really do appreciate you dig it! :) Hope you'll be able to introduce that for your group at one point :) 

I absolutely LOVE the main idea and how it binds both field and out-of-field activities. It is a bit rough here and there but I see a lot of potential here. If you're planning to work on this further I'll be really happy to follow all the way :) 

While I'm not sure if it hits the theme perfectly it does look like a perfect system for what it does! I was playing in my head while reading this, and that should say a lot. Super excited to give it a try with some figures! Finally a good reason to use my 40k minis ;) 
What I particularly love about this (beyond the idea which is super cool) is the design, clarity and small details like safety card and tactical options. 

I'm a dog(fighter) for things like this since I've read Brandon Sanderson's "Skyward". Also, big nostalgia on the X-Wing series! Ruleset is simple enough to get going from the start but allows for a depth you'd expect from a starfighter shooter. Happy to give it a proper try as soon as possible.

Haha! Thanks! I can't imagine a single player to be happy to play this but amongst so many fun adventures to play I thought "let make them lose their minds with this one!" ;) I hope it does justice to those horrible, horrible escort missions in video games.

Quick question - are we talking everything tabletop [RPG]? So I can make classes, NPCs, random tables, a system or a dungeon?

Some great advice here, but just to correct one thing - it's meant to be a A5 format, not "a 5 page format". So one-two pages is more than ok ;) 

That is exactly the point. Very much in spirit of the game! ;) 

Wow, that's a great idea!
I've got a journaling game just released a few days ago: 

Thank you! I love a good brawl myself, but after the voting ends I plan to modify the adventure so it can be played with more variety (thanks to some great feedback from the community). :) 

Thank you for the feedback!
I see that there is too much combat (or too little of something else) and I'll work towards better balance. I hope rolling one while moving from location to location will bring some dread and as it's only 1 hour adventure, players won't feel to bad about dying.

Thank you! Maybe it will get a dedicated adventure, but first - a big, lovecraftian horror story is underway :) 

Thanks a lot! :)

I really like it. It's so elegant and cohesive, while having a lot of content that might be used in various ways. Very strong entry!

True that, it is combat heavy, but as every MB play, I assume players will figure out their own ways - even without fighting. In terms of the perma-death roll, I absolutely got your point, which is really valid. I hope for some players it will bring that element of dread and unforgiving cold that won't ruin their play as it's "only" an hour long. 
Many thanks for such a comprehensive feedback! :)

Simple idea, very good execution! 

As soon as I finish the game, I'll let you know how it went :) 

Holy shit, absolutely love this. The idea of going INSIDE the monster... 10/10. Kudos!

Wow, I love the vibe of this!

A bit hard to read, but there are some great ideas like hypothermia! Very nice :) 

I absolutely love the idea for the movement! Script is tight and well designed, I'll definetely play this adventure in the near future!

I got classical-horror vibes, I like it!

I would never thought of pirates for this jam, really good idea and some interesting points!

Great idea, clean design - would love to play that one soon! 

Were-moose is really scary, great job conveying that! 

Great art and an interesting story design!

I love the idea for the voices!

Looking really good. I love the feeling of the dark, cold night in it and simplicity and roughness of the adventure!

Thank you very much! All credit for illustrations to the Wu Zielinski, my pal who's a really talented artist and hopefully will say "yes" to future collabs :)