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it's been over a year and a half. must be cancelled?

The story is very cliche, but I assume that's what you were trying to go for considering this is a test project. It has excellent grammar compared to most other visual novel games I see when I sort by newest first on this website. I also really like the music used, it's relevant and pleasing. The big variety of choices in the story is good, many visual novels I play from this site have few choices which makes the games less fun. 

Generally, the game is very well developed, just bland due to the images/audio obviously downloaded from the internet and the bunch of cliches scattered all over the story, but since this is a test project I assume this was intended to prevent "wasting original ideas" and I don't blame you

............where is it?

first ever pangolin (or as my friends call them, pingaling) game on i'm so proud of you

Nobody Loves You :)

Nobody Loves You :)

Nobody Loves You :)

so sad this was cancelled. can you uncancel it plz?c

so sad this was cancelled

As a person who deeply despises GachaTubers, I loved this game. Best thing I've seen on the internet

It won't allow me to play it.

This game looks interesting. Is there an English version?

World's most useless game! but the ending scared the shit out of me, no joke.

Nobody Loves You :)

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I downloaded it before it was removed and I still have it on my computer. I also made a VNDb entry of it:

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Yeah... just so you know before you download this, there is two $ex CGs.

This is so sad.

the games you make are so random and weird, but i love them all. <3

Short but fun.

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I love the story of this game! Very inspiring.

A new Life.

Rebecca is really cute to be honest... but it's true you can't judge a book by its cover.

Will you ever make more games? Also what do you use for drawing?



you deleted it a few months ago, why? 'n'

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sad. i expected this to be a ren'py game but its just pictures.

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we need that part 2. I did fan art of Lilith 

shortest game ever

I love this story. I wish it could've been longer.

i didnt expect this to be hentai o_____o

Who is the artist?

kore wa

wuzs sguoi  dEsuu!

i got -10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 kokoro point doegh... :[({9

I WuZZSZ UNUsOGUI!!1! :[[[

AnDn UNkaAWwai!!!!!!!!!!!

we can't even download it