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hokay, i've reuploaded now, let me know if it works! 

I'll have a try! Itll be in a few days as im away from my pc atm, but ill set a reminder <-- not sure if the name meets the adult content guidelines, but there's no adult content in the game itself <3

oh yah player collisions with the environment are off, so you don't also get bonked into space while yelling. not the ideal solution but it mostly works! 

a mac build is planned for future updates 👍

thanks! sorry about the lag, that's a known bug i'm still wrestling with! fortunately your eyes are already peeled but hopefully i can squash that bug soon 🙏

mobile builds are planned for the future for sure! it might be a while, but I'll reply here as soon as it's done 👍

thank you!

huh, that'll have me stumped for a while I think 🤔  ty for the thorough response, I'll be working on fixing it for as many people as I can

ty for the report! There shouldn't be any collisions between the player and the world, that's v much by design. Can you tell me your mic setup.?

update now available! details in devlog <3

About 2 years on and off!

ah hold tight! I'll be trying to fix the problem soon, so keep an ear out for updates

taking note of the common delay issue, planning to get that fixed and mac/linux builds soon! 

dang I'm sorry! I'll be working on reliability for the next version, so hopefully it'll work for everyone then

huh, the delay is weird! I'll keep an eye on getting that fixed in future builds, ty for the feedback! 

i'm afraid you'll have to try it out and let me know! it should pick up whatever audio input you can use, so fingers crossed it works for you

ah thanks! i'm working on a way of using keyboard input that replicates the feeling of a release of frustration, but it might be a little while as my technical expertise is not very good 😅