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Does the new update fix the problem?

Does the "Start with DirectX 11" file included with the game fix this? (Windows only)

Save files are stored in your AppData folder on Windows. On Android, you can go in the Android storage settings for the app and press the Clear storage button to delete saves.

Clear the prologue's final boss.

The credits can be found in the readme PDF.

Also, Super Crown Land was added to Isekai Mario as a scenario, so the standalone Super Crown Land will no longer be updated.

Your android device might not be powerful enough to run the game. I would suggest having around 2-3GB of RAM available for the game.

Fixed in v1.4. (Added to credits)

Unfortunately, I don't have a full list of bug fixes anywhere, but here are some of the notable ones:

  • Fixed sliding off enemies when stomping on them at certain angles.
  • Fixed the box getting stuck in Sweet Donut Plains.
  • Wall jumping on flipswitch panels is better now.
  • Fixed the longer load times when returning to the main menu.
  • Fixed the grid that would sometimes appear in the water.
  • Increased the deadzones on the gamepad sticks.

I can't reproduce this. Make sure you're not modifying the game's files. If you modified your save file, or if it got corrupted somehow, try starting a new save, or deleting your save files.

Save files are stored in your AppData folder.