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I generally hit the opponent first so I can judge if I am trying to go for a full victory with grabbing caches as well or if I just need to win before anything bad happens.

Rewards for Beasts are too low.
Encounter rewards are too specialized, its easy to get zones with almost 0 food in them, some specialization is good but not that much.
Most equipment is bad, as a corollary batteries are still pretty cheap compared to other resources because you never buy equipment and sell almost 
all equipment you find.
A large part of why most equipment is bad is that often equipment gives you aoe such as 4 cost deal 2 damage to every enemy in a column.
This is rarely very relevant, if the ai has more than 2 units you are either about to kill them or lost control of the board and are taking
unsustainable amounts of fight per battle anyway. If the ai has 2 or less units its trivially easy for them to play around aoe.

Imo some enemies should have lower hp rather than them all being 30+ to create some variety, especially in the first area, this might be a matter of taste though.
Certainly most cards that do incremental face damage are pretty bad now, bandit sappers went from 2/1 to 2/2 and is even worse than before in relative terms.

Not keen on wounds lowering your units hp, wanting to make people use the deck editor is one thing, but only 2 wounds till death did that
this just makes people edit after every single encounter if they want to play optimally.

Trying to figure out how I feel about leader deck. With how weak equipment is and some dubvious upgrade options I am not sure I get the feeling my leader
deck is constantly improving. I feel like the whole point of leadership deck is to give this constant progression.

Non balance related notes
Despite higher ai deck hp trying to kill the opponent quickly is more rewarding than previously due to the new wound system.
Taking wounds on units suck so there is more reason to end fights quickly even at risk to your leaders hp rather than grind them out
and take damage on your units, even if rushing your opponent down is in contrast harder than before due to higher ai hp.

The most tilting thing the ai does is sometimes just not attack with units instead of hitting face, this is never correct play.
Following this the most noticable ai mistake is bad ordering such as playing crusader (+1/+0 all friendly units) then playing a second creature.
Once I hit the mid game I found that even in this new version of the game I was taking very little damage in most fights, often 1-2 wounds on units
and no damage to my face. I think that the ai can be at least this scary, maybe scarier but the punishment for taking attrition should be lower,
mostly your units should not have lower hp while wounded.
I think that the ai used to start with 4 resources to make up for going second which they don't any more, so in some ways things are actually easier
apart from a few specific cards.

Beasts are by far the harder fight/lowest reward enemy I encountered, seems like an odd choice when they seem to be the predominant enemy on the
first map.

My epic 6/8 that heals itself every turn died in a rockslide, this was kinda tilting given how fat her ass is and that she literally has regeneration.