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Thanks for the update! Good luck on finishing the rest of the story <3

Thanks for the updates! Is the upcoming DLC going to be an epilogue of sorts or is it set in the timeframe of the main story? 

Will a merch store ever open up again? I'm dying to buy the artbook for this <3

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I just wanted to ask about if Adrian is still into Jace even on Cameron's route? I was prepared for some potential angst but there didn't seem to be any hints. Not a big deal ofc haha just curious c: Also, really loving the game so far! Adrian's route was so unbearably cute <3 I don't usually buy games but this was well worth it!!

omg yay!!! that art is gorgeous <33

I loved this so much! The writing, art, voice acting are all so well done and immersive that I became so invested in both of the routes. I usually prefer one LI over the other but here I really enjoyed both routes! It's rare to come across such a well done visual novel so thank you so, so much for making this and releasing it <3 I'm so excited for any future projects !!

This was such a cute and polished experience! I agree with what Jelly wrote below me that the game just feels really nice to interact with. Very cool theme with all the hyperlinks and stuff. I wish there was more :)

This game is amazing!! Everything about the art to the characters is just wonderful. I'm so glad I found such a rare gem + I look forward to any of your future projects! :D

Hi there! Just wanted to drop by and say I had a blast playing through this...the art is really pretty and the plot was fun to follow. For a free project, this was super quality !! Thank you so much for making this + I look forward to any of your future projects :D

Have a good rest of your day!!


Thanks for the write-up! Always love reading through these featured games :)