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this is, extremely good. an absolutely perfect mix of gender feelings, sexy writing, occult influences and rituals. I actually cannot believe how fucking good this is. Do you have any socials where i could follow you because holy shit do i want more stuff like this.

how many endings are there?

Hey! I quite like this, but there are several spelling errors. Might be worth it to comb through everything again and fix them. Not a big deal, just thought id let you know

Hello! I absolutely adore the game, but i do seem to be experiencing two issues.

First up, the pokegirl section always crashes my game. second, no matter how fast i click i cant seem to be able to move past the guard at the gate. If anyone has any solutions/tips, please let me know!

Great game, great art, absolutely love it.

Hello! I've gotten two of the three "man with the smokey glasses" scenes, but the third one never seems to trigger? Is there some special place I need to find to trigger it? Thank you in advance

Yooo this fucks! I love the vibe and the concept is really neat!

that was really good. i was drooling at some point

You know the game itself recognizes that he doesn't have just a stack of money to spend right. Yes its unrealistic, but so is waking up in the body of some dumb rich fuck.

"Sure, sure. It's also true that no billionaire just sits on a giant pile of cash; most of Bezos' wealth is abstracted into stocks, investments, and so forth.

But that's not the scope of this simulation. This simulation is about spending all of Jeff Bezos' fucking money."

you sure you played this game

oh this is amazing so far! i absolutly adore all the characters, ive only gotten three endings but all of them have been phenomonal! I do wonder how exit got here though, from world class thief to world class modder.

On an unrelated note, where can i submit a bug report? its nothing major, and the game is simply amazing, but i thought i should mention it regardless,

oh thats great! ill check it out!!

Now this, this i love. I played a while ago, got all endings, and its sooo good! though i did have trouble finding it again, but finding it again was so worth it! cant wait to see what youre going to do next