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Very cute! I think the only thing that confused me is sometimes the items would change. I'd have three items for three people, so my assumption is I will use all three items. The first two could be successful, and the third item will not work on the guy so I'll lose a life. Then new items will appear and they wont always be the same original three. This gives me the impression that if I know an item will not work, there should be a way for me to switch the items or call upon new ones.

Thank you!

Insanely awesome graphics. Some dropped frames on my computer, but still a fun concept.

We have finally re-released the game!

We will re-upload this game later. It was submitted late and is not ready.

Thanks for the feedback!

Cool, thanks for your input! By the way, considering you played until the last level, can I get your feedback on what you liked/didn't like?

Do you know at which point it locked up? We only have 3 levels, but now that I think about it, we never put a check in the continue button after you win. So right after beating the last level, if you press the continue button it probably attempts to load level 4, which doesn't exist, and crashes the app. I can update this after the end of the month when judging for the game jam is over.

Haha, the character actually moved much faster before lol. Ceci made the music:

Art is amazing. I think the only thing that bothered me was that the camera didn't always keep the player in the center, so when enemies started attacking I wasn't even aware of it. Coincidentally, that added to the eerie-ness/scary part of the game so it didn't bother me too much, and your life regenerates so I never felt weak.

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Hey Austin,

Sorry it seemed challenging. If you use the arrow keys you can move the player, but he is rather small so he might not be the easiest to see. If you move him between dots, paths will light up. The goal is to find the paths that do connect to form an image, so each dot has one other dot it connects to.

Skibs is a minimalistic, psychedelic, infinite runner. Navigate down the endless multicolored wormhole, surviving the skibs, these "power ups" that cause anomalies and try to kill you. If you can live long enough, you just might see some things, as this game is designed to explicitly cause visual illusions within skilled players.

Skibs is a unique game in that it uses geometric art to induce a motion aftereffect. Many video games of today use ultra realistic graphics to envelope players in fantasy worlds that seem like they could be real. Skibs on the other hand does more with less, giving players the option to visually enhance the real world around them.

Play if you Dare!