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Really nice graphically, and the general concept is intriguing! 

The audio can be a little grating, I like the idea of the different components of the ships having unique sounds that fade in as you get close to them, but something about the sounds themselves put me off, maybe slightly less harsh sounds would be better.

Also, does the central console do anything currently? Some information explaining this would be great.

This is really great as so many people have said! A wonderful concept and implementation. Feels really polished and consistent.

The only real issue I had was that movement in the overworld felt clunky. I think it's a due to certain directional inputs having precedence over the others (whilst holding W; D and A work, but whilst holding D; W and S don't work). 

This is wonderful! The lyric generation is great fun, and I like the theme interpretation a lot. I've typed words today that I don't think I've ever typed before, so thanks for that!

Also I'm guessing there isn't any audio in your build (either that or it isn't working for me).

Really fun and impressively polished! The little animations here and there really added a lot, and the visual style is nice and consistent, great work!

The flying enemies are a bit easy to cheese (you can get them stuck above a platform and they'll fire at it instead of you, and they're pretty hard to beat normally so I ended up feeling like I was cheating my way though! This is only a small gripe though.

Great theme interpretation, the switching concept is fun and has a lot of potential for expansion!

I encountered the same bug a couple of times where I'd get stuck in the falling state/animation (I think when I fell into the corner of a wall/floor but I'm not sure).

I had good fun with this, it looks good and could look great with some animations! Loved the music too.

I think having the difficulty ramp up over time would help a lot, I somehow ended up with less space rocks spawning the further along I got.

Very fun once you get into it, having to manage fishing and tower defense at the same time is good fun and engaging, pretty hectic too!

Although I do agree with others saying that a smoother difficulty curve would be nice. Also, I was having issues catching fish consistently (maybe my timing is just a bit off). Having different sounds for successfully/unsuccessfully catching a fish would be good too.

Great job!

Took me a while to get into the gameplay (I didn't notice you could move and then shoot at first, a little tutorial would be great) but once I did had a lot of fun!

Thank you very much!

The idea is to click to shoot in time with the beat, this increases your score multiplier and damage the longer you successfully stay on beat. It's explained on the main game page too.

Thanks so much for giving it a go!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.

We agree, with the difficulty ramping up over time we think the damage multiplier does make the rhythm aspect important later on, but it takes a bit too long to get to that point.