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It's a surprisingly fun little game, kudos to the dev.

It's a online game, you have to play it in a browser.

Sure I'm down to try it out, Not much of a voice actor though. My discord is Willy J.#7662

Sure I'm down to make another game, Not sure what we could make though. I also use construct 3, I'm going to school for graphic design and I'm learning Unity. Maybe we can collab at some point. My discord is Willy J.#7662

I’m not a voice actor, but this sounds cool. Maybe I can fit one of your roles. If you have discord you can msg me at Willy J.#7662.

Hey! I would love to see if I meet your criteria, I sent you a friend request on discord from Willy J.#7662.


At first i was gonna make the engines start to overheat if you use them for too long, Thats why you can slide, But unfourntley i couldn't fit it in with construct 3 free account.

At first i was gonna make the engines start to overheat if you use them for too long, Thats why you can slide, But unfourntley i couldn't fit it in with construct 3 free account.

Aight I will,My email is

Sadly not.Could we communicate through email or something?

This is actually a very cool game,I would love to see more out of it. My only issue is how spread out everything is.

Sure, Why not.

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im an ok artist,my game dont show it though.

Ps: I use construct 3 too

Html5 is how you play games on the web on

Hmmmmmm if you say so.


I have this other game i have been playing called Hardware Tycoon 2019. The game has not been updated in 2 years, But in a comment Antizippo says to not revel Haxors plans. Around the time this game was made that game was stopped. Im either onto something big or im just a big dodo. Please fill us in Haxor, OR SHOULD I CALL YOU ANTIZIPPO.

Hardware tycoon 2019 \/

soooo its been awhile,Are you still working on this game?

Very good game overall, I love it and I'm addicted to it. But i have a few suggestions.

1.Make a tutorial at the beginning, It took me a while to figure out what to do.

2.Show what each building does,I've made so many buildings at the begging and i had no clue what they did.

3.Give a difficulty option. What i mean is resources are very spread out on hard mode or something,Or you have to make everything in the begging.

Overall its a very good game,Cant wait to see where you take it. :)

When you use expermental dual core

 it does that

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did you conveyor it into your core?


Yeah the modern mindustry is pretty cool im not gonna lie,Now that ive checked it out

You need to also put water in it

Is the developer still working on this game?

I love this,But i wish i could make my own map.

Nah bro the music is amazing

What do you mean? This is just a different way of getting money if you want to subtract money so you can make the game harder or Easyer. 

Love it but its kinda hard

I found a new way of getting more money. If you hit ` Then type M and put in what ever amount of money you want just make sure it is higher then how much money you currently have,If it isn't your money gets subtracted. If you hit h in the menu it will bring up a list of things you can do. r u unlocks all research, r l locks all research. p (value) is your popularity. l (value)  is the CPU level.d (year/date changes the (value) changes the clock speed limit.s/save l/load | c/clear save load and clear your save game. | f/full |  is full screen.

Kinda hard to play on web,camera shoots around everywhere,But otherwise its very fun to play. 

Note: im using a school issued Chromebook

This game blew me away, It was just amazing. Keep up the great work.

amazing game,But could you please make the map bigger and add more parts

Thank you