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Super cute game that really made me happy and carefree.

Absolutely love this to pieces <3

I absolutely fell in love with this game and felt all of the inspirations. I felt so vulnerable yet open to the situation I was in. I felt this character's soul and although the game was short, I loved every minute of it. I was instantly placed and enjoyed it without question. Words of self esteem and art really got to me. I felt ready to move forward.

It's instantly in my top favorites, up there with the skeletons and the non-copyright red and white balls ;3

I absolutely LOVE this game. I love what has been suggested so far (i.e.  QTEs, male students, more girls, more zone, more positions). I love the directions this is going in, especially art wise <3. I'd love to see more busty girls and more positions to do these cuties~ I bet silly cameos would be fun too (like girls who LOOK like certain characters but are just different enough ;D you can see from my name. I'd love to see heart eyes! <3 Heart eyes make everything cuter and sexier ^u^

But keep up the amazing work! I happily donated and will continue to donate as updates happen <3