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Heart And Cube

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This felt like playing through an R-rated Courage episode. Atmosphere and eerieness was on point. Very cool!

That was pretty cool! You all translated Molly's style really well into the game. Nailed the atmosphere! It is a little disorienting to navigate around the house. It feels like the videos, but a little confusing.

I think an anthology type game would work best for this. Instead of a continuous story, small enclosed scenarios with Molly and different weird stuff happening, like her reels :D

Great job, looking forward to the full game!

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Sorry. The working title is 'Drift Isolation'. Not finished, but here's the link: :)

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Drift Isolation

Drift isolation

This was so cool! The attention to detail to make this feel like a run-down Swedish summer cottage was really impressive. Down to the cracking paint, the look of the furniture and the layout of the house. Childhood nostalgia turned eerie.

The lighting was used really well. I especially loved the look of the first hallway when you enter the cottage.

Very immersive, wish you luck with the project.

Damn ye! Let Neptune strike ye dead Bedtimestories! HAAARK!

Pretty spoopy game. I'm a sucker for lighthouse stories. Would have been cool if the levaithan wasn't on the map, as a little bit of foreshadowing ;)

I require lassagna Jon...

My only gripe is that it's a little hard to know how to progress. I find myself blindly scanning the rooms for prompts a little too often. Otherwise, this is really cool! Very trippy and intriguing as it goes on. Excited to see where this is going. Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to the full game, this was awesome!

That was... unnerving.

Loved the style. The shader/filter you used was something else. That in combination with the textures made for a really cool look. The sound design was great. Made me dread every step I took forwards.

Great job!

That was really cool! Very surreal and creepy. Kind of reminded me of 'Mother!' by Darren Aronofsky in a way. You have a neck for making interior design, the house looked great. The collision might need some work, since moving around the house was very jumpy and janky. Other than that my only commplaint is I wished it was longer. Looking forward to your next game.

I wished I could have finished decorating the house, stupid grief monster! >:/

Now this is how you make satire! Such a fun and accurate dunk on the mascot horror genre.

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Loved the visual style! Please. More.

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This game has atmosphere for days! Fun puzzles and a cool art style.

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This game has the vibe and atmosphere of a nightmare. The challanges do drag on a little. But the hitman didn't kill me, so 10/10!

Very C̸̨̧̧̧̧̡̧̡̻̦̰̥͈̥̻̤̥̲͔̤̼̰̻̰̜̪̟͎̪̜̪̼̗̜̮̯͍̫̳͈̻͍̥̝͂͂̃̓ͅO̸̡̨͓͚͇̹͑̓͌̈́̄͛̂̍̒͆͐́̈̈́̓͜͜͝Ô̸̧̧̢̨͖͙͉̺͓̝̫̩̯͔̝̳̯̯̜̝͕͚̲͎̰̿̏̆̃̾ͅḼ̸̨̨̧̢̡̛̗̪̗̯̤̗̮͎̭̙̭̳̮̟̫͍̻̱̭̦̲͙̬͔̖̯̝͚͍͈͚̳̥̙̘̱̺̹̈́̊́̋̐̌̄̿̊̄́͊͒͐̊̅͂̆̂̓̍͌͌̐̔̐̈̈́͑͘̕͠͝

Martin Scorcsese is crying rn, because this game is CINEMA!

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Loved the art style. The game has bingus, would recommend!