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That is true, but it would also add another aspect of difficulty

I would assume he meant throwing it and having it go in a sort of loop type of motion and come back to you as a real boomerang would, something that none of the top down zelda games captured

Do you know when the next version is going to release?

I found a bug, if your inventory is full and you pick up another item then it just vanishes, I had a full inventory and then walked over the axe and it was just gone. Maybe a potential fix for the inventory filling up so fast is to have food stack, like not a big stack to the point where inventory management wouldnt be a worry, but like a small stack like 3 or 4.

Is there/will there be support for an xbox one controller?

Hey winterdrake, first off I want to tell you that I absolutly love the game so far and am very much looking forward to more, I just have a question so I know that I am not missing anything, when you get to the part with the pigs that fire arrows at you is there any way to get south of that rock wall or is that just not in the demo?