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wrong forum try the link to the new one

I lose one circle of death match every other day and haven't drawn any

I absolute love both starving and mind games

i think so far I've only had a single draw. Maybe you need to vary your AIs more

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yours was a brute force method 😂 that would hit years even after the first 10 nodes i feel like. Brute force adds up super fast

Although you make me wonder if a tactic I used in an old virus programming game would work here too. We use to use mutating code that would write various "subsets" of code to itself and run until it the superior version then repeat. You and up with most versions crashing and not running at all but it let you build off of ones that did so regardless of computation time it would continue to grow

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my approach is a generalized one picking attack targets in a random order of { assault, sniper, shotgun, machine, closest, furthest} attacking a max range of {short, medium, long} and {fleeing, staying out, or no evasive} at {0-25,2-50,50-75,75-100}. Currently my algorithm ignored resources completely because that makes the calculation too complex for my computer. And lol my atrocious spelling(autocorrect) is perfect example of hi sloppy I am

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im actually really close if I can solve where it is crashing at. I have a 48 slave node show computer and I've narrowed games down to only logical games that could prove beneficial to me as well as tossing out games that are very unlikely to be successful. I believe currently mind game is down to less than 200 billion games. Im also calculating this in terms of 5.3 so mind games for example can only be teams of assault + 1 other bot. This drastically reduces the computation time on all maps. Also sorry been rather busy to clean up my experiments to share methods. I program things bed sloppily just enough that they run cobbled together with digital duct tape. As an example my program that calculates matches requires editing the file each run, commenting out or remove comments on low shield fleeing, and 26 arguments to run

right now I'm trying to build a new ai by having my computer calculate every possible game that can be played on every map but the program keeps crashing :/ maybe a bit too ambitious

one day and league 4 gets a whole lot tighter

yeah I noticed with the latest updates fleeing is super ineffective. Its better to sit and shoot and let their fleeing recharge your shields

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this will be a fantastic change! Any ETA on when this happens? I want to get ahead of the ball here and start my new AIs

My AI appears to draw with itself on both maps

does it evaluate based on its sheilds or the opponent's? Mine does the same if it's shields are lowered

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it is useful the times I have used it the AI never lost I multiplayer. It's designed to calculate any other possible opposing strategy and counter that. It's super effective I just don't have the patience to use. My current active AI isn't quite as effective in multiplayer (no where near) and has about 38 conditions and 67 actions

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176 conditions and 304 actions

I think its more of an index of which players are masochists. That AI took ages to load in the selection screen so i stopped using it 😂

read the post/debate above yours if its possible to close to short range but fire at medium/short

Google how to predict rock paper scissors games. There's There's few articles on how to write a rock paper scissors engine. I simply adapted one I wrote for that into an engine to predict taking sides. I said probability analysis algorithm just to sound fancy 😂 it's still technically probability calculations

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To beat a machine/sniper combo take out the sniper first since this is nearly all of the opponents long range damage output. Now position you bots just outside of medium range near each other. Some machine guns will continue to fire at you from long range, if this is the case then fight at long range 2v1 you win. If it tries to close have one bot go to long range and the other fire at medium then keep alternating as shields deplete. No matter of the machine gun focuses on current or closest target it will lose.

P.s. you're welcome by the way 😂 i'm the one who really started this sniper/machine combo and only a few players up until now have figured out how to counter me. Now i need new team

split team is currently a rock paper scissors game. Shotguns beat Snipers, Machine guns beat shotguns, and snipers beat machine guns. I am currently using a probability analysis algorithm I wrote to determine which of these units to send out each match so that more often than not my bots are the counter to my opponent's

map_bot_position iteration

That's what I'm using currently

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first right now assault isnt balanced dont use them. Second don't focus on ONLY using one type of bot some compliment each other nicely e.g. machine gun + sniper. This will massively narrow your chances of being hard countered by bot types. Also check my 5.2 math to figure out how your bot should react to different classes. There is a filter that let's you select by bot type and it's INCREDIBLY useful. No bot beats another at EVERY range. Calculate what range you need to fight and at what health/shield point you need to win the battle then kite the opponent until your bots have the advantage.

Edit: This will help would be nice if it was sticky lol

phpBB is my favorite as well :)

that certainly narrows it down a lot for me

Is there anyway I can get the exact positions of everything on each map? I want to start developing the Wiki and these numbers would be very helpful

you'll still only be closing to medium range with that set :p

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well if we are getting philosophical....sometimes the god of a world just wants to burn some stuff when they get bored

Ninja streak I suppose 😂


well I'm now aware 😂

normal goes by total so a full health sniper would be targeted before a half health machine gun for least health. Ratio goes by current/max health so loowest ratio would pick the machine gun

What we are using currently doesn't seem to have sub sections, tags, search, etc. Could a possibly move this over to a better forum software such as phpBB or IP.board

yup silly me lol 4000 is still enough for a rush on seven wonders. In fact it's barely enough your last two bots should be destroyed right as they score

nope cause moving towards a target also sets them as currently targeted same as shooting. As soon as you tell your bot to move towards theirs then it'll be targetted

unfortunately due to the lack of states or variables it isn't feasible right now to tell a bot to move to short range and short short-mid.

no because they have a low carry speed and while they do still reach the base a slight bit earlier than machine guns they also have 6000 less effective hit points per bot so machine guns can stay out longer without being destroyed

far as I am aware GFX isn't planning any abilities at all. Instead of being an arms race he wants this game to always be about AI design first and foremost. That's why right now bot choices are very simplistic and will lightly remain simple though more will probably be added down the road.

a group of anti rush shotguns beat a machine gun rush. But a machine gun shooting nest beats a shotgun anti rush. It's all rock paper scissors

seven wonders can be machine gun rushed. Even though machine guns have the slowest initial speed .75 m/s they have the fastest ball carry speed also .75 m/s. As long as you have so 4 going for different resources 2 should make it to goal and 2 should be destroyed. The two remaining have enough time to grab the 2 dropped balls and score them ending it 4-3

woo im finally too 10 league 4 thanks to the update :D I did a bunch of early 5.2 planning and i guess it paid off

+1 I honestly don't know how this would affect the game but that's what being in alpha stage is so about! I want to see this in the game and see how it works