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Thanks for the feedback! I didn't realize how dark the text was on the page.

Sorry for the lack of context. I don't want to spoil the game, but it definitely isn't like a Scary Maze type of game that lies about what it is.

Strange. Butler didn't package the file for me. I was uploading the same zip file created by my own script.

I tried uploading the same .zip file with butler and it worked fine this time. Possible bug on the browser upload functionality?

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Hi leafo,

I double checked the case sensitivity and relative path, and it still didn't work. Could there be a bug somewhere dealing with (multiple levels of) folders?

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I uploaded a zip file containing all of my game files. The data assets are in a 'data/' folder. The page had no problem loading the files in the root directory of the zip but everything in the 'data/' folder couldn't be downloaded. I double checked that the case sensitivity is correct and that I'm using relative path. Is there something that I'm missing?

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