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I've downloaded games off before, and in the past I would just extract the files from the zipped file and put it in a new one. Since last week, though, all the games I've tried to download has a blue "EN" as a logo, instead of a zipped file. It won't give me the option to extract the files, and when I try just opening it up, it tries to open in Endnote (I never use endnote so I have no idea what it is, but my fiance says it's an app for citing papers and bibliographies and stuff. FYI, I use his computer to play most games).

Does anybody know how I can fix this problem? Sucks I haven't been able to play any games in a week, it seems to happen for all of them. I was able to download on steam for one of my games with no problem, though. My experience with computers is pretty lacking, so I'm just confused. I tried googling " endnote", but nothing comes up.

Thanks for the help! I tried downloading other games, and it's happening with all of them, so I think it must be something with my own computer.  I'm sure I'll figure out something!

I downloaded the game, but I don't know how to unzip it. For some reason it just keeps opening in "EndNote".

When I downloaded games in the past, I usually right-click and go to extract all to move it to another folder, but that option doesn't come up for some reason :(

I really want to play this game too, the design really intrigues me.

I think I hit a bug? I just turned the first village pink and was on my way to the next village when some mice started talking to me. After they left, I went to the menu screen  to save and I can't get off it now. I keep pressing x or esc but nothing happens. I tried shutting down the game and turning it back on, but my save takes me back to the menu screen where I still can't get off it. I found that when I press "D", I can still go back to the moon, but then my character doesn't move and all I can do is look at the help screen. How can I fix this???

I *really* enjoyed what you have of this game so far, and am interested in the end product! I think it's written very well and I really like the world building. It makes me want to learn more about how this world works and it's characters. I also really love the art, very creative! Can't wait to come back and play this again when it's finished! :D