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Nice haha, thanks for playing

Thanks so much

Yep this is correct ^

Fluxsy the poem listed in the About section is the solution (first six lines in that order)

aw thanks :3

wow this is so polished for the result of a four week game jam, not to mention mechanically complex. i had a great time playing it

epic, a masterpiece, possibly the best game i have ever played

i got into the weirdest headspace playing this. very cool experience

this game was a lot of fun, love it

super cute, the pov was really interesting

lol i love drek

thanks :)

aw thanks :)

love the aesthetic of this game

glad you liked it :) thanks for letting me know about the bug, i’ll get onto it next time i’m working on this

hmmm so apparently it’s some kind of javascript security error on chrome, and switching to private browsing may fix it. alternatively trying a different browser should also work.

i haven’t been able to replicate it and it relates to how the engine packs the game into a web app, so unfortunately there is no quick fix from my end :(

thanks, what device/browser were you using and what failed exactly?

super cute

This was fun, I like the ending

omg i love this so much, looking forward to the full release

hello :) i don't really have any advice, i just wanted to say hi and good luck!!

ooh awesome i'll look out for it

thanks for taking the time to review it, and hope you had fun playing :)

that was super cool, love the music :)

aww that was so sweet

lmao this game is hilarious

this is super cool, love the eerie mood

that was super cool, I love the look and feel of the game. here's the qns

1) Who's your favorite character so far and why?

Tachibana because he's kind of mean and I love chars like that

2) How's the pacing and writing? (We're looking for proofreaders for the final script too!)


3) What aspects of the game do you like?

I love the way the backgrounds are done

4)  How is the UI?  What did you like about it? What did you not like about it?

Nice, really adds to the feel of the game

5)  How is the hook for the story? Did it made you play until the end? If it didn’t, what made you stop?

Good. I want to know what Kou's deal is lol

6) How is the music for the demo so far? Does it match the vibe of the game? Is it distracting?

Awesome yep totally matches the vibe

7) What other improvements can we make to enhance your experience?

n/a loved it

super cute, love the art and the transitions/animations :3