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A member registered Nov 20, 2018

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so can anyone have a cooked meal the game stop  working when i choose any option 

bar gym or even shop don't do anything i lose the money once i sleep

why the money systeme is always fixed at 0 like even with work its 0 and i can't buy anything at all

finally i been waiting for this since 2020 can't wait got new update

am still waitiiing for more phil

At first I thought this gonna be a quick game but seeing how it's going make me happy you doing great work guys 👊 keep the good work

Lol I was going to comment about the bug but then I saw this 🤣 thank you for the update sir

Finally yay I missed this game thank you for posting

When can we expect an update for this ? I miss this game

Any update on this ?

How  can I beta teak in the fight ?

No more James Charles anymore :'(

I love this game espically the age gap that's cute but curious is the MC going to have other paths with other choice or just way Romance ?

Are we gonna get romance with Rasty boss 🤩

You should totally everybody love that kind of character

So when can I invite Frank to my house ?😂

Hey anyone can tell me if we can go to the bar or the park after the the main quest end ?

happy to hear I can finally look for more age gap couple good luck in the future

So good we need more of those age gap visual novel happy I found this one

Finally thank you so much

I wonder how can I trigger the hunting contest ?

I really want more of this 😂

believe me it's so disturbing espically that I have over 120 save slots lol I played all possibilities the last time 😂

yes I know I even deleted the old game and installed the new one the save slots still occupied by the old saves :')

Hey guys can anyone help me I played this game till the update where the saves stopped working after that I downloaded the game again but the save slots still showed the old saves and I can't remove them can anyone help

Hey I started playing the game I choose the lizard route I did the 3 parts but the festival won't happen I did all the other quest but the event won't show up what am doing wrong

Ahhhh we gonna get some rich soon am so happy can't wait

Another update yay thank you I been waiting for it since last month

Bestie I need more of this

I need a guide so many possibilities lol

When can we expect the update :(

Same with me

Bestie this is amazing love it 😍

Twine probably

Yesss bestie I will keep up with it and with every story you put out 🥵 cause your work just keep getting better and I even followed you on twitter

Well I swear the game it just keep getting better and better

Ayyyyy thank you for not forgetting about this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Is he a datable character ?

lol take it slowly am sure if gonna be amazing althought I hope you consider making the uncle part of the whole story like ending with the MC doing stuff at secret his home and you know maybe dom/sub route I want to date him lol