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um did you not read my last comment?, i'm already working on the game...

wait just realized that i'm already working on this game lol XD thought it was a different one it's me @

Spicy meat a ball' a

probably my best example

i'm 14 and would be happy to work unpaid, i wan't to do this for experience, i am a beginner. 

I would be very happy to help unpaid just tell me what u need me to make :) (as long as u credit me)

i would be interested to help out unpaid as long as i am credited, what sort of game is this and do u have any ideas for what u would like the monsters to look like? what sort of maps (ie: rocks, grass ETC)

in your next game when ever u start development, i would be happy to make sprites for the game unpaid :)

Also, (i forgot to mention.) the music greatly compliments the game play. It makes you feel isolated and tense yet it is peaceful.

I think coughe puts it very nicely it was a very good story and a very good idea, and i love the art style, it's just that some of the actions got tedious after a while, although for one of your  first games as a indie game producer i would rate this a solid 8/10! well done :)